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Friday, December 7, 2018

Market and Plant Show at Largo Botanical Gardens this weekend !

Greetings all and the first thing we need to tell you is that Hand Made Cedar Birdhouses are back ! Yes, we only have 18 of these, christened the 2018 Cedar Birdhouse Holiday Collection.

We will be bringing them to Market  every week until they are sold out.  Note, these are the only ones available for this Holiday time !

This year, there has been a price increase....increase of cost from the source as well as our extended travel time and costs to get them.

The price this season is $45 and we believe they are well worth it. This collection is one of the most eclectic we have had, with lots of add-ons of pine cone flowers, moss and Forest greenery and twigs.   They are heavy and super durable and just ready to affix to your fence, posts or sit on your patios to enjoy for years to come.

At Saturday Morning Market this weekend, we have a huge new crop of gorgeous Mini, Thornless Bougainvillea, as well as butterfly loving Thriallis.  In addition, Mitch was able to find the rare "Little John dwarf Bottlebrush" plants - hard to find anymore as very few growers doing them..they are slow growing, have deep green foilage and deep red blooms - perfect for a smaller place in the garden, and they are super hardy.

In addition to the Holiday theme, Annie has decked out some gorgeous Christmas Fairy Castle Cactus that are perfect for your Holiday table, porches and a great little Holiday charm for your work desk.  Fairy Castles (Cereus tetragonus ). Native to North America, these are one of the hardiest soft Cacti you can grow.  In our region of Tampa Bay and Central Florida going south, they are hardy outdoors colder regions, they will thrive on a sunny windowsill.  One of Annie's favs because they are perfectly fine to be left alone and let dry out for long periods and still do fine, and they have this lovely way of building up into a castle form.

As always every week, we have a fresh new crop of Mini Succulents and Cacti, and some of the most beautiful, EZ to grow Tropicals for shade gardens or your Home and Garden.

Also, this weekend ! On Sunday, Dec. 9th, the Florida Botanical Gardens has its annual Gift and Plant Sale at the gardens and we will be there, along with 60 plus vendors.  This Botanical garden is a gem in our own backyard, just located just a bit north of Seminole, EZ to get to, plenty of free parking.  The Botanical Gardens every year runs a nightly dazzling light show in the garden that is a feast for the eyes and provides joy to the Young and the Young at Heart !  Come for the plant show on Sunday (rain or shine) from 9am-4pm, then stay to enjoy the magic of the lighted gardens ! They do ask a voluntary contribution to the Nightly Light shows, but trust us, its worth it, and affordable for everyone. (Note: there is some forecast for rain on Sunday, don't let that deter you, it's suppose to be quick and over with, and we have a plenty of tent and storage place behind our booth to keep you dry!)

Here's the scoop:

Saturday Morning Market
Downtown St. Pete at Al Lang Stadium Lot at 1st street and 1st Avenue South
(there IS street parking as well as very affordable garage parking nearby)
Market hours 9am-2pm.  Live music, Community spirit, tons of Food and Crafts and Plants

Sunday, Dec. 9th - Florida Botanical Gardens
12520 Ulmerton Road Largo
(our hint  - Enter at the Walsingham Road entrance - tons of free parking area )
Show time 9am-4pm

We hope to see you this Holiday season and come check out some special things that can make your Holiday bright as well as gifting to other !

Mitch Armstrong Nursery is a licensed Tropical Plant nursery with the state of Florida.
We do not have a retail location, but you can find us weekly at 
Saturday Morning Market, downtown St. Pete and Spring Plant Shows around the state

Mitch Armstrong, Owner
Annie Sprague, Nursery Manager


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