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Thursday, November 7, 2019

Mt. Dora Plant & Garden Fair Nov 9 & 10, 2019

Greetings All,

Fall is upon us and soon we will feel a chill in the air, promise !

It has been a busy Market Season so far as we started our 18th year with Saturday Morning Market, downtown St. Pete, and this weekend, we head to one of our favorite events, the Mt. Dora Plant and Garden Fair.

This Garden show, now in it's 25th year, is a joyful event held in one held in one of the sweetest little towns in Florida, Mount Dora. The region is hilly and cool, with a very New England feel, nestled in amongst beautiful lakes scattered about.

The show brings in vendors from around the State with a large variety of plant specimens to fit the needs of any type of gardener.   Located right in downtown Mt. Dora in Donnelly Park, the event runs Saturday and Sunday, Nov. 9th and 10th. With free entrance, you can walk around the vendors, enjoy the large Oak trees, and see the beginnings of their Holiday lighting.

There is plenty of nearby free parking and you can also visit the dozens of charming shops and restaurants in downtown.

You will us on the large wood deck, in the middle of the Park, as we bring our exceptional array of Rare and Exotic Tropicals, hundreds of Mini Succulents and Cacti, Bougainvillea, Desert Rose, Fiddle Leaf Figs, Larger specialty cactus and butterfly friendly landscape specimens and much more!

This weekend is one of the very few, when we will not be at our home base of Saturday Morning Market, downtown St. Pete, but will  return there Sat. Nov. 16th.

Here's the Scoop:

Mt. Dora Plant and Garden Fair
Downtown Mt. Dora at Donnelly Park
Saturday 9am-5pm
Sunday 9am-4pm
Free entrance, live music, food, free parking in surrounding area.

Mitch Armstrong Nursery is a licensed Tropical Plant nursery with the state of Florida.
We do not have a retail location, but you can find us weekly at 
Saturday Morning Market, downtown St. Pete and Plant Shows around the state

Mitch Armstrong, Owner
Annie Sprague, Nursery Manager


Friday, October 4, 2019

Saturday Morning Market Opening Day Oct 2019

Greetings all !

Can't believe it, but Saturday, Oct. 5th, 2019 starts our 18th Season of Saturday Morning Market, downtown St. Pete !

We were blessed to have a great Summer Market at Williams Park, and now we are headed back to Al Lang Field Lot (the Rowdies stadium) and you will find us once again, on Farmers Row on the East Side.

We are back with a huge fresh selection of over 750 Mini Succulents and Cacti, including crowd favorite, the String of Pearls.

Hand picked, over many days in hot greenhouses, we only bring the freshest, healthiest, purtiest specimens just for you !

In 3 inch pots, these specimens are the perfect size to use stand-a-lone, or making your own dish garden.

Always popular this time of year of Fall into the Holidays, mini plants are a perfect way to decorate Pumpkins, large and small, as well as....

Gourds !  Annie found a great selection of colorful, mind bogglin-shaped gourds and is having fun decorating them up for the's a work in process as we have to glue the plants into nooks and crannies,but incredible fun.

We are also back with a wide array of gorgeous
Tropicals for your Home, Patios and gardens. Sized and priced to fit all budgets, plants are a great way to freshen the inside of your home, apartment, dorm or offices and all are low maintenance.

Pitcher Plants (Nepenthese alata) are a popular plant with our customers for its uniqueness, plus it helps Eat Bugs !

Best outdoors, especially on patios where you sit, or under a nice shady tree, they provide enjoyment for all, and trap skeeters that want to bug you :)

Mitch is also bringing some of his larger Cacti and Succulent
Specimens for those who want that big "Wow" factor.

Harry Cactus is one of our most popular, and we have some gorgeous Tower Cactus, Aloes and more !

So, come on down and see us at Market - remember, the market runs every Saturday from 9am-2pm, with free entrance, live music, tons of food, crafts, produce, plants and fun for all ages.

Here's the scoop:
Saturday Morning Market
Downtown St. Pete at Al Lang Field Lot
1st Avenue South and 1st Street
Lots of nearby parking on streets and parking garages
Market hours 9am-2pm (rain or shine)
Every Saturday October-May 2020

Mitch Armstrong Nursery is a licensed Tropical Plant nursery with the state of Florida.
We do not have a retail location, but you can find us weekly at 
Saturday Morning Market, downtown St. Pete and Spring Plant Shows around the state

Mitch Armstrong, Owner
Annie Sprague, Nursery Manager


Thursday, August 29, 2019

Summer Market ending and Annual End of summer Plant sale coming up !

Greeting all ! Alas, Summer Market, at Williams Park, ends this coming Saturday, Aug. 31st and we are ready to blow out the booth and have some great deals for our customers !

We have been blessed this past summer market, by record crowds and we have learned, the more we bring, the better you like it !

This coming Saturday, we aim to get great plants to great people, so we can refresh and begin again at the start of October, when we return to our home place at the Sat. Morning Market, at Al Lang field.

But don't fret, there is still a great opportunity to get great plants at great prices, as we will hold our Annual End of Summer Plant sale at our Home nursery in St. Pete the weekend after, Sept. 6 & 7th (see details below).

Our annual Home nursery sale is a great time for us to clean out our home nursery and make room for restocking for the Fall.   Everything that is left from last Summer Market day will be on sale, plus lots of great specimens that we don't ordinarily bring to market.  These could be one-of-a-kind specimens, butterfly friendly landscape nursery plant we still have been tending, plus the opportunity to get cuttings of unusual stuff.  We especially have larger Cacti and Succulent plants that are looking for a good homes.

Plus Annie has all sorts of Garden art, decorative pots and misc that she is pulling out of storage bins that are great additions to your house and outside garden spaces.

We will have lots of cold drinks and snacks, so come party with us !  We welcome buyers as well as lookers, who as in the past, just love to peruse around at our personal plant specimens in our Jungle of a yard. Come hang, come peruse, come to pick Mitch's brain about plant knowledge and just enjoy our home garden.

This sale is important to us too, as in September, Markets and Events are all closed down, so this is our opportunity to financially "make it over the hump" so to speak ! We appreciate all your participation and support to our mighty little nursery.

Here's the scoop:

Friday, Sept. 6th  9am-6pm
Saturday, Sept 7th  9am-6pm

Our Home nursery
1331 39th Avenue North
St. Pete  33703
(turn at 14th street off of the main drag of 38th Avenue North)

This event is Rain or Shine ! We feel that the Hurricane News will be well behind us and we will all be safe and sound and ready to have a 2 day Garden Party.

Feel free to contact us before the Sale event if you are looking for something particular, you can always reach us at:

Thursday, July 4, 2019

Happy 4th of July !

Greetings all, and Happy 4th of July !

So, as we continue into this crazy hot summer, we have had a great time at the Summer Market at Williams Park, downtown St. Pete, with record crowds and much fun had by all.

As with all of you, this heat and humidity has been hard on our gardens and our plants, which means a bit more watering and a bit more caretaking, but despite everything (even sometimes our neglect) our nursery continues to thrive !

The butterfly action has lessened due to the heat but they are still out there.  Porterweed, Passion Vines, Popcorn cassia, bougainvillea and more continue to provide shelter, nectar and places to spawn those eggs.

This coming weekend at market, we are having a big sale on our Mini succulents on existing stock before we head to Apopka to restock next week.  We also have some beautiful Yellow Lipstick plants that are to die-for.  As well, we will continue to provide starter plants and cuttings for you to do your own thing.

Don't forget - if you are looking for larger Succulent/Cacti specimens, we have some gorgeous ones - the Famous "hairy cactus" as well as Opuntias, Madagascar Palms and more !

As always, if you can't make market day, please call or email us to set up an appointment to come by the home nursery to check things out.

Here's the scoop:

Saturdays, 9am - 1pm, Williams Park Summer Market, downtown St. Pete

Reach us at:, or call us at 727-742-9265.

Have a happy and safe 4th !


Mitch Armstrong Nursery, and Annie's Plant Pallette are licensed Plant nurseries with the state of Florida.
We do not have a retail location, but currently you can find us weekly at 
Summer Market, Williams Park, Downtown St. Pete June-August 2019
(Saturday Morning Market 17th Season starts Oct. 5th at Al Lang Field)

Mitch Armstrong, Owner, Armstrong Nursery
Annie Sprague, Owner, Annie's Plant Pallette

Monday, May 20, 2019

Summer 2019 Happenings

Greetings all, and yes, Summer time is upon all of us quickly so we wanted to update everyone with happenings around the Mitch Armstrong Nursery business.

This coming Saturday, May 25th is the last regular day of Saturday Morning Market, downtown St. Pete 2018-19 season.  This past season has been a very fun one, with great crowds of customers coming and we celebrated 16 years of participation with this fabulous Market family !

But Summer Market is immediately around the corner ! Yes, Summer Market at Williams Park, downtown St. Pete starts up the following week, on Saturday, June 1st and you don't have to go far to find us!  Just a couple of blocks from our regular setting, Williams Park provides much needed shade and coverage for Customers, Vendors and Products during the heat of the Summer, and 60 plus vendors will be participating, so you can still get your Fresh Produce, Plants, Clothing, Hats, Breakfast and Lunch and much more and still be surrounded by Live music and pleasant seating areas.

Williams Park is located between 3rd and 4th streets North, bounded by 1st and 2nd Avenue North, and is a lovely, safe locale, with plenty of parking nearby on streets and parking garages.  Summer Market hours are 9am-1pm and pretty much Rain or Shine (unless strong lightning comes to the area). The Summer Market continues to the very end of August.

You can find us, Armstrong Nursery, anchoring the NE corner of the Park nearest 2nd avenue north and we will have a nearby convenient place for you to pick up your purchases.  We will continue to bring our Exotic tropicals, Mini Succulents and Cacti, and surprises every week !

In addition, if you have Plant Needs during the week, please call or email us to set up a private appointment at our Home nursery in St. Pete.

An exciting new addition to our business format, Annie has a new start up, with her own Nursery Licensing for "Annie's Plant Pallette", and she will be specializing in furnishing Mini Succulent Plants for your Event/party/Shower Needs !

 Whether you need multiple number of plants for a Boutonnieres, Corsages, or just a big ole box of 50 or more Mini Plants for gift giveaways, Annie can help you with the best selection for your special event. Feel free to contact Annie for pricing and availability (as well as timing) if you have a party coming up and she will be happy to help you make something special happen !

Annie's Plant Pallette:
or call at  727-742-9265.

Also this summer, we will continue to grow our efforts to bring Cuttings, Starter Plants and Seeds to our Market setting, as well, as be able to Ship small specimens around the US (except for California)

We thank you all for your continuing support for our little nurseries and look forward to seeing you around the Park this summer !
Annie & Mitch
Mitch Armstrong Nursery, and Annie's Plant Pallette are licensed Plant nurseries with the state of Florida.
We do not have a retail location, but currently you can find us weekly at 
Summer Market, Williams Park, Downtown St. Pete June-August 2019
(Saturday Morning Market 17th Season starts Oct. 5th at Al Lang Field)

Mitch Armstrong, Owner, Armstrong Nursery
Annie Sprague, Owner, Annie's Plant Pallette

Friday, April 26, 2019

Green Thumb Festival This weekend !

Greetings all ! Our website finally let me back in, just in time to post that it is Green Thumb Festival time this weekend here in St. Pete.

Remember, Walter Fuller Park, west side of town, Saturday and Sunday 8am-4pm. thumb for all the info !

We will be there, along with 120 other fabulous Plant and Garden Vendors to bring you to best and the brightest for your gardens and homes for this last big Spring Plant Festival of the season !

Sunday, March 31, 2019

Nursery Happenings March-april 2019

Greetings all, catching up on our blog, here's the latest !

This coming weekend, we will NOT be at St. Pete Sat. Morning Market, but will be at 2 other fabulous venues:

Fri/Sat/Sun April 5-7th, we will be at the Annual  Spring Plant Show at Tropiflora Nursery in Sarasota.  All of Tropiflora' stunning Bromeliads and Tillandsias will be on sale, plus there will other fellow plant vendor friends setting up, including us, with all of our specialties...Exotic Tropicals, Crotons and Ti Plants, Butterfly gardening plants, Ferns and , Cacti and Succulents and much much more.

The event is free entrance and free parking. In addition, there is live music, food on-site, raffles and drawings and just loads of fun - bring your carts and have a great time at this Spring Festival.

Quick details - the event runs Friday and Saturday, 8am-5 pm, and Sunday from 10am-4pm.   Rain or shine !


Also,. this coming weekend, Mitch and our crew will also be at the annual Spring Garden Fest at Winter Garden Florida on Sat/Sun, April 6th and 7th. This event is a great one, widely attended, located in beautiful downtown historic Winter Garden. With over 150 vendors, you are sure to find something for your homes and gardens.  There is also live music, tons of great music and its just a cool community happening.  The show runs Sat/Sun from 9am-5pm - Free entrance and free parking around the area.

The following 2 weekends - Sat. April 13 & 20th, we will back at Saturday Morning Market, downtown St. Pete.


Also, on Saturday, April 13th, Annie will be bringing our Mini Succulents and Cacti to the great Earth Day festival, downtown St. Pete, at Williams Park.  Show hours are 10am-5pm and you can find all the info at


And the last weekend of April, Sat-Sunday, April 27 & 28th, its the Big mama of all local plant shows, the Green Thumb Festival, in St. Pete, at Walter Fuller Park, so mark your calenders !!