Monday, March 27, 2017

Springing Forward, back to Market and new show this weekend at Tropiflora

Greetings all, and can you believe it's almost April ? Wow, the month of March has gone by quickly and we are still in the middle of our Spring Flower Shower season.  

This weekend and the start of April brings more Markets, more shows and more opportunities to get great plants for the Spring, as well as Summer time.

This coming weekend, Sat. April 1st, the guy crew will be back at Saturday Morning Market, downtown St. Pete (no fooling!), while me and my Gal crew will be running our set up down at Tropiflora Nursery, in Sarasota, for their annual big Spring plant show.

Here's the scoop:

We try to be at our home base of Saturday Morning Market, downtown, St. Pete as much as possible during the Spring Season, but sometimes we have to focus our efforts out of town.  This is our schedule when we will BE at Sat. Morn. Market in April:
Sat. April 1st
Sat. April 15th.

We will be away for shows:
Sat/Sun April 8/9th  (Winter Garden Spring Fest)
Sat/Sun April 22/23rd (Green Thumb Festival, St. Pete--our biggie!)

Okay, so let me tell you about the show down at Tropiflora Nursery in Sarasota this weekend. The show runs Friday, March 31st through Sunday, April 2nd.

Tropiflora is a family owned business, world renowned for their Bromeliads and Tillandsias.  They are also some of our favorite people to hang with ! This time of year, they have a huge sale at their nursery, and, as well, invite a dozen fellow nursery friends to set up on their property, each with our specialties.  So customers have a wide selection of plant products to see and purchase.

In addition to our exotic tropicals and butterfly gardening specimens, they have a vendor that specializes in Crotons, one in Water gardening, One in beautiful Driftwood, Amaryllis, Hibiscus, Orchids and more.  In addition, there there will be vendors with wonderful products of fruit jellies and jams, Botanic Art, and our favorite Antique Garden Art pals.

Admission and parking are free, and there is live music, food and raffles all day long.  We hope you come on one or more of the days to stroll through the nursery property and check everything out.

The nursery is located at 3530 Tallevast Road, Sarasota 34243  Its an easy one hour trip from all around Pinellas and Hillsborough Counties, but also gets scores of visitors from around the state.

The plant show hours are:

Friday, March 31st  8am-5pm
Sat. April 1st  8am-5pm
Sunday, April 2nd  10-3pm

We hope to see you at market or at the Tropiflora show and don't forget, for those mid-state, we will be at Wintergarden Plant Show the next weekend, and of course, will close out the big Spring Botanical Show season with the hugely popular Green Thumb Festival, here in St. Pete, the weekend of April 22/23rd.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Greenfest! Plant Show in Tampa this weekend

Greetings all, this coming weekend, Sat & Sun it's time for the annual Greenfest! Spring Plant Sale at the beautiful Plant Park, next to the historic Univ. of Tampa campus, downtown Tampa.

The plant sale runs Sat. March 25th and Sunday, March 26th, Rain or Shine, Hours 9am-4pm.

You will find some of your favorite plant nursery people there, all of us with our specialties. The park is not so huge that it's an easy stroll among the vendors, and don't forget to check out the view of the water in the back of the park --right across from our set up !  There's food and drink, and free entrance (although they do appreciate any donation).

They do have some carts and usually have a local boy scout group on hand to assist you with your purchases, but we always advise you to bring your own garden cart if you have one.

As usual, Armstrong Nursery will have a huge selection of great exotics, lots of butterfly-friendly garden specimens and of course, our Mini Succulents.

And more !

We hope to see you there !

Friday, March 17, 2017

St. Paddys Day Weekend at Market Sat. March 18th, 2017

Happy St. Paddys Day Weekend !

We are back from a tremendous show at Leu Gardens in Orlando last weekend, and ready to rock and roll back at our home base of Saturday Morning Market, downtown St. Pete.

The Market will be back in its usual place at Al Lang Field Parking Lot, after a super fast cleanup from the City of St. Pete and the Grand Prix Crew.

Like the rainbow shown here, we have some amazing color for market on Saturday.

Everyone loves this Celosia and the butterflies and bees equally love it too. Sun loving, the blooms are gorgeous with this perennial.

It's the time of year when Fuchsia starts showing up and we have some gorgeous hanging baskets, as well as small pot specimens for your gardens.

It loves shade/filtered light and can tolerate some morning sun.  Along with good air circulation around them and keeping the foilage on the dry side, these will give you many months of gorgeous color.

Canna Lilies are always a real winner in the garden and give great long lasting color all year long. A non-invasive clumper, they will continue to form new spikes all the time.

Canna love sun and good moisture and these dark orange varieties really give you some banging color in the garden.

It's Tropical Hollyhock time and we have some huge specimens in the dark red and peach variety.

Along with a huge fresh assortment of Mini Succulents this week, we have these cute little "Life Saver" plants.......they put out an amazing bloom that looks like it is hand painted !

One more beauty for your shade garden is the beautiful large leaf Tibouchina. We have adults and babies that will soon be blooming and giving you long lasting blooms all summer into Fall.

Join us at Market and visit our Mini Garden Center that we set up each week - You will be sure to find something special for your House, Porches and Gardens !

Note:  Our next big Plant show is the Greenfest! Show at the Univ. of Tampa, downtown Tampa, next weekend.  Stay tuned for details.

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Leu Gardens Spring Plant Sale this weekend Mar 11/12, 2017

This weekend, we are off to beautiful Leu Gardens in Northwest Orlando for the annual Spring Garden Sale.

The sale runs Saturday and Sunday, from 9am to 5pm and it is free entrance fee into the park this weekend, which is quite a savings.

Join us, along with a hundred other plant specialty vendors from around the State. As always, we are in a beautiful spot behind the Rose Garden. A pic of our set up day last year is at left.

Yes, we have beautiful Hollyhocks, Bougainvillea, Butterfly specimens, Passion Vines, Clerodendron, Rare and Exotic tropical species and much more !

The Garden is an easy one-tank trip from the Tampa Bay area.  Check out for all the info, directions and vendor info.

Note: The Saturday Morning Market, downtown St. Pete is closed this weekend, due to the Grand Prix car race. The Market will return to it's usual spot at Al Lang Field on March. 18th.

Mitch Armstrong Nursery is a licensed Tropical Plant Nursery with the state of Florida. We do not have a retail location, our "store" is the Sat. Morning Market in St. Pete, FL, Pierce Street Market, Clearwater, and Thrill Hill Market, Old Southeast Market place, Southeast St. Petersburg.

Starting in the Spring, we will also be at Botanical Shows locally and around the state. Check our blog often for news of these special events.


Thursday, March 2, 2017

Sat. March 4th, Market moves to Williams park and area downtown streets

It's heads up time, and this weekend, Sat. March 4th, due to the impending Grand Prix Car Race. the WHOLE of Saturday Morning Market moves out of Al Lang Parking Lot to Williams Park and surrounding streets that will be closed off, to hold our regular Huge Market place.

3rd Street North, which is a one-way heading north, will be closed off from 1st Avenue North to above 2nd avenue north, plus, 2nd avenue north between 3rd and 4th streets will be closed off and full of vendors too.

That means the whole of market, 140 vendors plus, and our regalia will be taking over a huge area surrounding Williams Park, just for this Saturday. Armstrong Nursery is excited as we have been given the task of creating a huge, colorful plant vending area across the entire intersection of 1st Avenue north and 3rd street - Wow !

So of course, we will do our best, and we have great plans and we are going to have one of the biggest, most colorful vending spaces around.  And, what gives us the most bang for color?

You guessed it, Bougainvillea !!  From landscape containers, to trellises, to hanging baskets, we will have a great selection of some of our favorite Bougainvillea specimens.  

Along with the bougainvillea, we have a new gorgeous crop of Sapphire Shower (pic below)  mini trees that are sure to delight. Also called "Duranta", its a great plant for the garden, for butterflies and bees, blooms all year round and is easy to maintain.

As usual, we will have tons of Mini Succulents, Exotic tropicals, rare geraniums, papyrus, Herbs, Lavender, Mint, Celosia and much more.

To help our customers get to us, and to the market this Saturday, we urge you to use nearby parking garages and side streets to make it easier on access. There still will be live music, tons of great food, bathrooms and everything else we can think of to make this destination market day a great one for all our loyal customers.

Market hours are the same - 9am-2pm, and, this is a great time to check out the ambiance of Williams Park, where we hold our Annual Summer Market.

We hope you can join us !

The following weekend, we will be off to Leu Gardens in northwest Orlando for their hugely popular annual Spring Botanical show weekend - stay tuned for details about that.

Friday, February 24, 2017

Feels like Spring at the markets, and getting ready for shows !

Well, the nursery and our gardens are alive and looks like we are welcoming Spring in early.

The plants have been alive with butterflies and bees doing their things and they especially love this Sweet Almond bush at left.

This weekend, we have markets both Sat. and Sunday.

Saturday, Feb. 25th, we will be at Saturday Morning Market, downtown St. Pete, -Market hours 9am-2pm,

Sunday, we will be at the regularly last Sunday of the Month Market, at Thrill Hill Market, at the Old Southeast Market place, in the historic Southeast part of St. Pete at 1700 3rd street South. Market Hours Noon-5pm.

We have a huge new selection of Mini Succulents, as well exotic tropical Calatheas and specimens for house, office, patios and shade gardens.

One of our customer's favorites, is this Pink quill Bromeliad that produces purple flowers that smell like Cinnamon.  In a mini pot, they are perfect for windowsills, offices, homes, out on your porch, or stick them in shade trees and watch them thrive.

This time of year is a great time to get some Citronella geraniums established in your gardens and porches to help keep the skeeters away. With a deep lemony scent, they also produce a small pink flower in the Spring and summertime.

We are also back in stock with tons of gorgeous Spearmint, Lavender, Edible Herbs, Rosemary galore, tomato starter plants and even some specialty lettuces.

Everyone loves something different and the "Pitcher plant" above is certainly unique.

The Tibouchinas are starting to bloom early and we have great starter babies for you to enjoy.

Everyone loves the practically thornless Miss Pixie Bougainvillea and we still have some nice ones in stock.

If you are looking for Butterfly friendly plants for your garden, look no further, we have tons of great perennials, bushes and vines that are guaranteed to attract bees and butterflies.

Spring Botanical Shows will be starting soon, and here's our line up so far - make a note in your calendars about these great events. As they closer, we will be talking more about them. We also have news about the St. Pete Market being moved temporarily one weekend because of the Big Car Race that comes to town !

Sat. March 4th - Saturday Morning Market, downtown St. Pete temporarily moves, due to the Grand Prix Car Race.  The market will be set up at Williams Park, and adjoining 3rd street North and 2nd Avenue North. We are excited, think it's going to be a great time.

Sat. March 11th - Saturday Morning Market, downtown St. Pete is closed for that weekend.

Sat. & Sun. March 11 & 12, we will be at beautiful Leu Gardens in Orlando, for their annual Spring Plant Show.

Sat. March 18th - Saturday Morning Market, downtown St. Pete is back at its regular location at Al Lang Field.

Sat. March 25th - Sat. Morning Market, downtown St. Pete at Al Lang, and,

Sat/Sun, March 25-26th - Greenfest! Botanical Show at downtown Tampa

Sat. April 1st - Sat. Morning Market, downtown St. Pete, and,

Fri/Sat/Sun March 31st/April 1 & 2nd (3 day show) Tropiflora Spring Plant Show, Sarasota

More coming for April, so stay tuned !

Friday, February 17, 2017

Bougainvillea Explosion !

We are in the pink this weekend..that is Pink Flowers everywhere !

We have gorgeous Dwarf Thornless Bougainvillea "Miss Pixie" with specimens with varigated leaves as well, as the dark green leaf variety.

Remember, Bougainvillea love its sun, its warmth, stands up to cold, handles droughts and gives you fantastic color all year long.

We love this variety as it practically thornless, plus it grows very spiralling out of thorny branches ready to tear your garden gloves up !

Last weekend was a busy one covering 3 markets, and this Saturday, Feb. 18th, we will put all our focus on the Saturday Morning Market downtown St. Pete and will have a fantastic display of --

Brazilian Red cloak
Perenneal Celosia
Popcorn Cassia
Passion Vines galore
Mona Lavender Plectranthus
Gray Lavender
Ground Orchids
Malaysian Orchid
Mini Succulents and Cacti
Shade/House plants....

and much much more.   Also, if you come to market, check out our special table that has Succulent and Cacti specimens from Mitch's private collection  !

Also, next week, we will be publishing our calendar of our upcoming Spring Botanical Shows - from here in our area, to Orlando, Winter Garden, Sarasota and even North Carolina - it's going to be an amazing spring.

Here's the scoop:
Saturday Morning Market, downtown St. Pete at Al Lang Field
market hours 9am-2pm

Mitch Armstrong Nursery is a licensed Tropical Plant Nursery with the state of Florida. We do not have a retail location, our "store" is the Sat. Morning Market in St. Pete, FL, Pierce Street Market, Clearwater, and Thrill Hill Market, Old Southeast Market place, Southeast St. Petersburg.

Starting in the Spring, we will also be at Botanical Shows locally and around the state. Check our blog often for news of these special events.