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Thursday, September 24, 2020

Plant Availability Tuesday, Sept 29, 2020

Greetings all and I know you all are as eager as us to welcome a small cool front coming into our area this week !  Here is our latest update on Plant Availability, with some added new plants to our list from late last week.

We will continue to do our set up at the downtown  St. Pete Williams Park Market every Saturday from 9-1pm, but we are still available for private appointments to the home nursery, on-line ordering for pick up or delivery.

The best way to reach us is:

You can also text to this number:  727-742-9265 for private appointment availability.    Keep in mind, our schedule around the nursery is hectic and we may not respond right away, but we will be monitoring the text messages as often as we can and will get back to you asap.

Here's the list...we have tons of great new specimens as well as restocked on old favorites, plus some brand new Rare species !

Plant Availability as of Tuesday, Sept. 29th.  

Here's some pics !

Mojito alocasia

Magic Star Stromanthe

"Stilt" pepperomia

Cissus Begonia

Varigated Bleeding Heart

Black Raven ZeeZee

Begonia babies

Mini Tropical package

Monstera "adansonii (non-varigated)
 4 inch pots

Ficus Triangularis

"String of Tears"

gorgeous "Squills" aka Leopard Lily

Begonia "Starry night"

Pink "Frittonia"

Alocasia "Polly"

Lancifoloa "Rattlesnake" Calathea

We have in 4 inch and 6 inch pots

"Pinstripe" Calathea

"Watermelon" pepperomia

"Broadleaf" Calathea

"Crimson Queen" Hoya

Rope Hoya (non varigated) huge, full pots

Hoya "retusa"

(on hold)

Hoya "kentianna"

Rope Hoya "varigated"

new String of Pearls - starting to trail

Excoeceria "Chinese Croton"

Anthurium "gracile"

Alocasia "Tropical Storm"

3 gallon

gorgeous !


Colocasia "Black Beaty"

Black leaves and stems

3 gallon

Full, lots of stems


Pineapple  - Varigated !

gorgeous Reds/oranges/yellows and green

3 gallon


We love Agleonemas ! they bring such color and texture to the plant world. 

 "Red Valentiine"

Watermelon Pepperomia

Hoya Crimson queen babies - 4 inch pot

Mexican Oregano - 6 inch pot

Plumeria stick starters - Yellow blooms
Sticks are almost 2 ft long, and have leaves on them.
Simply plant them in the ground

Brown Turkey Figs

Ez to grow, best fig for Florida

We have them in 1 gallon and 3 gallon pots

Agleonema "Maria"

3 gallon pot
Gorgeous green and white varigation

Agleonema "Silver Bay"

3 gallon pot
Striking varigation along edges

 Agleonema "Silver Hybrid"

Agleonema "Ruby"

3 gallon pot - Tricolor varigation

Black Velvet Alocasia

4 inch pot

Striking veins and sturdy leaves

"Exotica"   6 inch pot gorgeous varigation with large leaves

"Exotica" hybrid - 12 inch pot  large, curly leaves

"Frydek" alocasia-one of our most popular plants

6 inch pots

Leopard Lily  aka "Squill"

4 inch hanging baskets

Croton "Zanzibar"

1 gallon pots

Gorgeous colors

Pink Stem "Ivory Coast" Alocasia

6 inch pots

"Mojito" Alocasias back in stock

6 inch pots

Aluminum "pilea cadierei"

4 inch pot

"Stilt" Peppermomia

Ghost Cactus

6 inch, all rooted

Stretching and and dividing !

Purple Oyster - solid purple color with thick leaves

Great ground cover

"East Indian Holly" Fern

6 inch pot

"Milky Way" Cast Iron Plant

1 gallon pots

Rare Staghorn Ferns

Already mounted and
ready to hang

From left to right:
"P Veitchii"
"P alcicorne"

"Marbled" ginger

3 gallon

gorgeous varigation

Butterfly Ginger
(hedychium coronarium)

Super aromatic !

Got 2  3 gallon plants $ 15

Close up pic of Butterfly

Birkin Philodendron

6 inch pot

Groot Planters are back !
Groot "heart" planter -$20

Groot "Hands Up" Planter - $ 30

Lady Di Heliconia

Sweet Almond Bush -3 gallon tall and gorgeous !

Pandanus Screw Pine - 3 gallon starters - gorgeous varigation

"Reflector" diffenbachia - Out of stock

"Starry night" Begonia

We have found these to be especially hardy types -the leaves are sturdy and it is not troublesome when it comes to watering. The pic doesn't do it justice..the "stars" are bright yellow.

"Curly Spider" Hanging basket

Curly Spider - 4 inch pots

Alocasia  "Ivory Coast"
6 inch pots

"ZeeZee" babies
4 inch pots

"Moonlight" Philodendron

Begonia " Angel wings"
 6 inch pots

Pink  syngonium and "Satin" calathea
6 inch pots

Begonia " Grypton"
6 inch pot

Out of stock

Colocasia "White Lava"
3 gallon pots

Sorry, Sold out for now

Aglaonema "Adelia"
6 inch pot

out of stock

Beautiful Aglaonema Widuris
6 inch pots

 Syngonium "yellow" with pink veins
6 inch pot

"Ruffled Birds nest" ferns
4 inch pots

Gorgeous  'Prince of Orange"
6 inch pots

"Bambino" alocasia
4 inch pots

Ficus "Tineke" babies
4 inch pots

Calathea "maranta"
6 inch pot

Alocasia "Polly"
4 inch pot but tall !

Varigated Ivy Hanging Basket

"Golden" Ficus
3 gallon pots

Hoya carnosa " chelsea"
6 inch pots

Rope Hoyas in
6 inch pots

Also,  we have availability to, 3 very cool plants, that we are taking Pre-Orders on:

The first one is, "White Flowering" Petrea Vines (sometimes called Queens Wreath or Sandpaper vine) .  As you know, the white flowering is rare, always hard to find !  These are in 7 gallon pots, on trellis, about 8-9 feet high with lots of stringers to tie onto a trellis/arbor etc.  

They are gorgeous..they are being grown in some-what filtered light but they can take the sun, or shade.
Pre-Order Price is $ 125 for these huge, rare, gorgeous plants.

The 2nd offering on Pre-Order, are these gorgeous, tall Papyrus Plants.  In 7 gallon pots, they are 8-9 feet tall, multiple stems in the pots (which you usually don't get).  Papyrus loves sun and great moisture..whether actually in water, or boggy area, lake edge etc, but you can easily keep them in large pots with water dish on the bottom.  They are "clumpers" and will keep multiplying away from the main stems.

Pre-Order Price is $ 50.   If you want multiple plants, contact us about special pricing of 3 or more.

The last Pre-Order specimens are these gorgeous Pony Tail Palms in 7 gallon pots.  They stand about 4 feet high and have huge bases.  Sun loving, and they produce a glorious tall white flower spike as they grow older.

Pre-Order Price is $ 30.  And again, if wanting 3 or more, contact us for special  pricing.

Passion Fruit Vine 

Giant Milkweed 

Purple Porterweed
Everblooming-butterfly lover

Almond Bush-everblooming
Bee Friendly
Hot/cold tolerant

Native Coral
Honeysuckle vine
Blooming now

Lipstick "Mona Lisa Red" HB

Orbea shweinfurthii succulent

Alocasia "lautherbachiana"

pepperomia  pilocarpa

Fuzzy Rhipsallis -pink blooms

 Begonia Hanging Baskets

New offering - Dischidia varigated "Million Hearts"  - 4 inch pots

Rare !

Unique Hairy penus cactus !

currently out of stock

Cascading Blue Ginger- 3 gallon pot

Burro's Tail Hanging basket or stand alone

Currently Unavailable

Figs "Brown Turkey"  in 1 & 3 gallon with fruit on

 We restocked on the Black Velvets this week !
Black Velvet alocasia, Baby Ficus

Prince of Orange

Chinese Money

Primula Hanging baskets with lavender bloom
Papaya -  Ruby Red - Self pollinating

Calathea "lancifolia"  - 6 inch pots

Swiss Cheese Monstera

Haworthia Tiger Stripe - 3 inch pots

Pitcher "I Eat  Bugs" Plant - Sale $ 12

Staghorn Ferns

Alocasia Black Velvet and Alocasia Sandriana

Calathea Broad Leaf roseopicta

Alocasia Regal Shield - 1 gallon pots - stock now is 2 feet tall !

Fiddle Leaf Ficus - we have them in 3 gallon "standard" which means, no leaves on the bottom  looks like a small tree ($35), and in "Bush" ($ 35) which means, leaves all the way down to the pot.  

Pink Quills - the purple flowers smell like cinnamon !  $ 10

Prince of Orange - gorgeous coloring 
6 inch pot 

Stingray Alocasia - looks like the real thing ! 6 inch pots 

Bromeliads -  2 gorgeous specimens that will brighten every shade garden

Calathea Medallion- 6 inch pot-on Sale ! $10

String of Pearls - 4 inch pots, some are "trailing" already 

Sansavaria Bolenisis- These small starters are unique, with thick stems and varigation - $3

Sansavaria "cylindrica"  that have been braided - super unique !  $3

Mini Cactus - Currently Sold out

San Pedro Cactus - 4 inch pots with mulitiple cuttings - sold out

Lifesaver Cactus - 4 & 6  inch pots 

Stepiliad grandiflora - 6 inch pot -Large flower

Stepiliad leendertziae - Maroon bells - 6 inch pots

Oyster Shell Hanging Chimes - $ 20. Sturdy shells on unique driftwood

Look forward to hearing and seeing all of  you !
Mitch Armstrong Nursery and Annie's Plant Pallette are licensed Florida nurseries.