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Thursday, November 22, 2018

Thanksgiving Weekend 2018

Greetings All and we hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving Day with your Family and Friends !

As we continue to celebrate the Thanksgiving Weekend, we include our gratitude to you, our Loyal followers and Customers and Friends, for your continued support to our Little Nursery !

We expect that Saturday Morning Market, this weekend, will be the usual full, fun Market Day as we welcome back Snow Birds, Visitors to our beautiful town and all Market regulars.

We spent the first part of the week, including today on Thanksgiving, getting some great new plant stock ready for you.  We are stocked up with fresh new Mini Succulents and Cacti (including some bigger varieties that will know your sock off - we hope !).

We also visited our favorite Fern and Tropicals fellow nursery people to bring some new, dynamic Shade and Indoor plants for you.   One of the most popular Ferns, the "Cotton  Candy" Fern was finally ready and we have beauties to bring you. We also have some gorgeous new variegated Tropical Hanging Baskets to share.

In addition, we are still fully stocked on Holiday faire, from Mini Poinsettias, to Xmas Cactus, to  Red Success Anthuriums, plus our popular Bromeliad Quills.

Also, we have 4 spectacular specimens of the gorgeous Rainbow Eucalyptus tree that are looking for good homes - they are in 3 gallon size, but they grow fast and if you have the room for a stunning tree specimen to your home gardens, these will fit perfectly.    Commonly, these trees are found for $50 and up for a starter tree, but we are running a special of only $30 for one of these beauties. If you think you want, let us know - come by Market, or email us to pick up at our Home Nursery.

Landscape wise, we still have beautiful Bougainvilleas, Orange Pagoda Head Clerodendron, Dwarf Cyperus, Passion Vines and some very yummy smelling Lavender !

Also keep in mind, if looking for some great hostess gifts, or if YOU are the hoster, and need some great little decor, Annie's Plant Pallette can help you with beautiful Mini Succulents that you can enjoy yourself and gift to others - and you can get substantial savings on the cost with a 25 + plant order.  Talk to Annie at Market, or again, email her for all the details about availability and pricing.
Annie just finished furnishing Minis for another beautiful wedding and we will share pics soon !

We hope we get to see you at Market this weekend - and we hope that you continue to enjoy your Holiday Season.

Here's the scoop:

Saturday Morning Market
Downtown St. Pete at Al Lang Field Lot
Market hours 9am-2pm (rain or shine)

Mitch Armstrong Nursery is a licensed Tropical Plant nursery with the state of Florida.
We do not have a retail location, but you can find us weekly at 
Saturday Morning Market, downtown St. Pete and Spring Plant Shows around the state

Mitch Armstrong, Owner
Annie Sprague, Nursery Manager


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