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Friday, June 10, 2016

Summer Market Coleus, Succulents and More

Whew, what a week !  Tropical Storm Colin came through the middle of Florida earlier this week, and we got a ton of great rain for our gardens.

We hope everyone survived the storm with minimal damage and that your gardens really enjoyed some free watering from Mother Nature.

One of the upsides of being stuck inside during storms is the chance to peruse the internet for interesting plant ideas - google images and you can spend hours finding inspiration for your garden.  The pic at left, I just love - I sure wish I could find some pots like that !

One of Annie's favorite plant groups are Coleus - they come in a gazillion shapes, sizes, colors and variegation and they are the perfect plant for shady areas in the garden or on your porches.

Coleus can be spectacular when grouped in containers, by themselves, or as companion plants - the pot at right is grouped with petunias and impatiens.

Low maintenance, they just need some trimming now and then from getting too leggy, and of course, you can root those cuttings straight into the soil, or in water.

Coleus in the ground, as borders and groupings are just the thing to perk up a spot under a tree or bush.  These pics I found on pinterest really show off the loveliness of these plants, don't you think?

Oh, and yes, we have Coleus for sale this weekend at market ! Come check out the variety we have, we think you will be inspired too.

Again, on Pinterest, I found this beauty - Diplodenia in a container, enjoying the sun waterside.

A lot of lucky customers have been getting Diplos from us the past 3 weeks and they love them, as we do, because they just thrive in our hot summers, blooming their hearts out.

During day 2 of the storm, I found this great pic on Pinterest of the Purple Possem Passion Flower Vine - one of our favorite vines to grow and one of our customer's favorites.

This is a great rendering of the flower, and the fruit as it ripens. Sometimes they don't get that dark of a purple as shown here, but they will develop a purplish hue - you know when they are ready when they are just about to drop off the vine. Interestingly, if you come across a fruit that has already been on the ground for a few days, it will be fine - we have found in our personal experience, that critters leave them alone !  Some people love to eat them as is or, they are really great in juicing, very high in Vitamin C and tasty when mixed with other fruit flavors.

Lastly, I wanted to share one more pic I found on Pinterest, and it's my Succulent Container Pic of the Week !

I am always looking for unusual things to plant succulents in and this one really inspired me to find the perfect shoe to plant - I especially love the idea of the very high spike heel, perfect for slipping into the hook to display.

Every week at market, we have a huge selection of mini succulents and we always love to hear of the ways our customers are using them - many of them have found unusual containers and items too.  We urge our customers to submit photos to us of their creations so we can share and continue to inspire everyone.

What's new at Market ?
Summer Market started last week, at Williams Park, in downtown St. Pete and we had a great turnout of customers !  All of us vendors, and the customers, were able to breathe a huge sign of relief that we could be in such a wonderful place, with shady towering oaks and cool breezes. The Park has really evolved, and we have to say, since they moved the bus depots away from the park, it is much quieter, relaxed and great place to hang out for market time.

We heard many comments and compliments from customers who were visiting us - some for the first time, and many who support the market year round. You can still get great Produce, Cheese, Eggs, Baked Goods and there is plenty of interesting food vendors to choose from.

Don't forget, the Summer Market also has many great artisans and many of them are running specials during the Summer - be sure to check out Tropical Glass Creations and Mark Noll jewelry, both right near our booth - they both are having some super special sales on their items !

Here's the scoop:

Sat. Morning SUMMER Market - Starting June 4th - Williams Park, downtown St. Pete - The park is bordered by 3rd & 4th Streets North, between 1st and 2nd Avenue North - Market Hours 9am-1pm - plenty of on-street parking all around. Look for us in the Northeast Corner of the Market under the shady Oaks.

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