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Friday, February 15, 2013

Breezing through Feb, 2013

Mother Nature continues to bring us southerners great weather this February. Another cool front is coming but it's just enough to make the plants sit up and take notice, but not get damaged, and we will be back to high 70's next week.  We will have some cool, breezy weather at markets this weekend and have even more great plants's what's happening on the farm:

New this week, the lovely, unusual Petrea Vine...also called "Sandpaper vine" due to the texture of it's leaves, the lavender flowers are beloved it by all. This vine is not found commonly and is a favorite of exotic tropical lovers, for it's strong but dainty foliage and flowers.

We have 2 Canna Lily types right now, the Sunset one at left, and the Tropicana, which produces a deep orange bloom.  Canna's are EZ to grow, give you long lasting flowers and multiply each season.

Our popular Crown of Thorns, all Thai Hybrids, continue to be popular with those who have lots of sun and want something very low maintenance. They bloom all the time and are very sturdy, putting up with windy conditions and can tolerate our sandy soil.

Lion's Paw is a great butterfly and hummingbird attractor, very EZ to grow and hardy in any temperature.

This week, our Bougainvillea offering is the uncommon Golden Yellow, all in hanging baskets, with long, blooming branches.  Bougs love sun, can stay in these pots for a year or more, or you can transfer to ground to grow as a vine or bush.

Our Air Plants (Tilansia's) continue to be hugely popular, and this week we additionally have some larger specimens that will wow you !

  This time of year, our sweet smell of Almond Bush is especially looking great. Cold hardy to lower teens, blooms most of the year and draught tolerant once established. It is "our" plant is the year !  Add some color to the garden with pretty African Bush Daisys that love sun and will thrive in cool and hot weather.

Mitch is holding the bloom of the lovely "Alata Cerulla" Passion Vine.  Each pot is loaded with dozens of buds, and ready to be planted in a place where you want some fast coverage with unusual blooms.

Our Red Passion Vines are growing up and now full of buds.  One of the most popular for it's fast growing tendencies, it can easily be kept under control with regular trimming.

These are just a few of the special plants we have for our customers right now. We hope you can come out to market, enjoy the sunshine, a little coolness to put a pep in your walk, and drop on by and see us, as well as all of the other great vendors.

Our schedule:

Saturday Morning Market, downtown St. Pete
Market hours 9a,-2pm
Al Lang Field Parking Lot, corner of 1st street and 1st avenue south, right down near our gorgeous Bay.
Our booth is located on the very back aisle, closest to the water side, about half way down from the Organic produce spot.

Sunday Morning Market, Tarpon Springs
NOTE:  Depending on weather forecast, we will make a call about Tarpon Market on Saturday afternoon. As Tarpon is about an hour north of us, and does experience cooler temps than here in St. Pete, we will be keeping watchful eye on expected temps.

Wednesday Market, Phillippi Estate Park, Sarasota 
market hours 9am-2pm
Google Phillippe for directions, the market is right off of US 41 at Phillippi Creek.
This market has been a great one for us, with 45 plus vendors, and has been getting 3 to 4,000 customers lately! We are thankful they are supporting us, and are true believers in staying Local and buying Local--thanks Sarasota !

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