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Friday, February 22, 2013

February 23 & 24 weekend Markets

Well, after a bit of a cool front came through earlier this week, we are back to business and all our plants fared very well here in St. Pete and down at the nursery. This time of year we are nearing all of our big Spring Time botanical shows around the state but for now, you can still find us at all our regular markets, Downtown St. Pete on Saturday, Downtown Tarpon Springs on Sunday, and Phillippi Market down in Sarasota next Wednesday.

Last year on this weekend, we participated in the  Selby Gardens Plant Fair, but this year, we decided to stick to our regular markets for the weekend, and be there for all our loyal customers who have been coming in droves, to support us so we are so grateful to everyone of you.

Now, for the fun part, let's show you some pics of some of our featured plants this weekend !

The gorgeous, sweet smelling Carolina Jasmine -- super cold hardy, a fragrance to die for and a yellow explosion of blooms.

One of Mitch's favs, the Leonitis plant. Super cold hardy, unique orange blooms that attract butterflies and hummingbirds, and just a rock solid specimen to have in your garden

Can you say "Dahlia, darlin'" ?!  Once in a while, we find these beauties and it's one of our customer's spring time favorites

Gazinias......striking contrast of colors on these make them a show stopper on your porch and in your garden

Tea Olive Tree - One of Annie's favorites --who knew that such tiny little white flowers could produce such a wonderful fragrance?! Cold hard, around here, you could even grow it in a big container. It blooms Winter into Spring, then late summer into Fall.

We are also stocked back on some herbs, such as Basil, Spearmint, Lavender and Chives.  Our 3 gallon Rosemary bushes have been very popular as they can be used for cooking etc but it's also a great landscape bush around here, known for taking our heat and humidity and super cold-hardy.

Fruitwise, we have the TR Hoovey Dwarf Papaya, Grand Nain bananas and Figs.

We have much much more that I could spend hours writing about, but Mitch is calling and it's time to start loading the trailer......Hope you can stop by markets this weekend and check out our always-unique selection of Exotics, our Tillandsia specimens (that come in all sizes and suits any budget!), our Mini Plants for terrariums, fairy gardens and windowsills and much more.

Next week, I will be writing about all our upcoming botanical shows, including the Biggie of the season, the Green Thumb festival, that happens right here in St. Pete the end of April. Stay tuned for goings-on, our schedule and more great pics and info from Mitch Armstrong Nursery.

See ya at market !

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