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Saturday, September 29, 2012

You know, the Cyber world is really amazing and we have one friend who seems to find the most amazing pics from around the world and have to share this one, of a cottage in the Netherlands...a place we could very happily just move ourselves into, but then, where will Mitch put all the "other" plants ?!  This pic reflects things dear to our hearts....heavenly home, gorgeous plants and waterside to boot. This is now my (Annie's) Dream Retirement Home, so be prepared, I am putting out the TIPS jar !

This weekend, we started a new Facebook Page that is solely designated for Mitch Armstrong Nursery business only (so you don't have to scroll through lots of miscellaneous stuff)  and we plan to use it in conjunction with our blogsite (  Our plan for this FB page is to post pics daily/weekly of what plants and happenings we have going, and hopefully it will be very user-friendly for all those who just want to know what's happening NOW with us !

Don't be afraid to "friend" us or accept our request, we will be monitoring daily to take out the extraneous and only include Nursery and fellow Vendor/Event news, so forgive us if we don't include the rest of your life "stuff".. (FYI ! Your  "Stuff" IS important to us and thankfully, we can see it all on our other personal FB sites so you ARE important to us).

On Facebook, under "search for friends", type in Mitch Armstrong Nursery and you should be able to find us pronto...if you see the pic of the beautiful butterfly,and the pic of Mitch, me and our dear, departed nursery soul mate, Rickie Oliver, than you know you found us.  We also want to highlight our fellow vendor friends who contribute to this wonderful family of Market Beings plus pics and highlights of special Botanical plant shows we do throughout the season.  Which means, we actually have to take the camera out of the bag and use it, duh ! And, don't be afraid, we might actually attempt to do some video :)

So, hope you put a Bookmark on us and we look forward to bringing you the highlights of our Nursery lives as we head into this exciting 2012-2013 season!

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