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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Ocala Master Gardener Show this weekend!

Greetings all, very sorry, due to technical issues, we couldn't blog last week but we are back to business as usual !

Boy, this spring's Oak pollen has been particularly bad for everybody. It's hard on our allergies, and just makes a mess everywhere, right ?! Hopefully we will get a few good rain and wind storms to come through and get these Oaks through with their shedding so we can get back to making everything look beautiful !

This weekend marks our return to the great little town of Ocala, where they hold their big Master Gardener Spring Plant Show this Sat. and Sunday.

This is a fav with us, as "Ocala'ins" are super supportive to us plant vendors who descend on them every year, the event organizers couldn't be nicer.

The pic above is one small spot of our personal garden (notice that not everything is planted yet..can't decide to put what where !).

Our Papayas and Bananas have been flying out of our market booths this past couple of weeks, along with our wonderful scented geraniums. With the warm weather returning, there certainly an air of Garden fever all around and everyone is so glad to have this winter behind us....but, another teeny cold front coming, but shouldn't be bad, so keep getting those plants and get them in and established before the heat comes!

Okay, here's an update on our schedule with shows and markets right now !

Due to mechanical challenges, we will only be able to do the Ocala show this coming weekend, so we will not be at the St. Pete Saturday Market, nor the Sunday market in Tarpon Springs but they will both be open.

Next weekend, the St. Pete Market moves to Central avenue just for that day due to Grand Prix Race set up. The following weekend (March 26th), the St. Pete Market will be closed due to the actual race. We will be out of Market for both those Saturdays.

After Ocala show this weekend, we are heading off to beautiful Leu Gardens in Orlando the weekend of March 19/20, then the following weekend of March 26/27, we set up at Greenfest in downtown Tampa.

If you are looking for plants, hopefully you can visit us at one of these fabulous shows, and of course, you can contact us during the week for purchase and pickup.

We hopefully will be able to have a booth at Sat. Morning Market, St. Pete on Sat. March 26th while we are doing the Tampa show, so be sure to check our blog for our schedule.

Also, coming up in April.....Tropiflora Plant Show in Sarasota, and of course, our favorite, Green Thumb Festival the very last weekend of April.

We are hoping to do our annual Spring "Plant Sale" at our house in early May, so stay tuned for details !

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