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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Papayas Anyone ?!

(pic) "T R Hovey Papaya"

Got Bananas? Yes, we do ! But we also have a gorgeous crop of this great dwarf Papaya Tree that is EZ for anyone to grow. Even if you don't like eating Papayas, the foliage alone is worth having this plant around. Growth is only 6-8 ft, so perfect for a small area in your garden, or, great as a container plant, and you don't need a ladder to pick your fruit. Our stock is budding now, and you will get fruit by this summer !

We still have some "Ice Cream Bananas" in stock and also the Dwarf Cavendish, both fun to grow, and both produce great tasting bananas.

Speaking of bananas, we know many of you who already have them, probably have seen this cold winter zap them, but don't give up....although the main trunk may be affected, you should see babies coming up around the root base now. Our personal ones here at the house, have new sprouts already 2 ft. high! Bananas love water, but need very well drained ground area, or pots..they do NOT like wet feet !

This is a great time, with the warm weather returning, to get out and start clipping back damaged growth and applying fertilizer. Mitch started a couple of weeks ago on our own personal plants and they are showing quick comeback amazing growth and that a word? I think I just made that up !

We also have a great stock of Pepper plants, and lots of great Herbs...Rosemary, Cilantro, Spearmint and some organic chocolate and apple basils. This is a great time to get your herb garden going, whether in the ground or in pots.....I love to mix herbs in containers and they don't mind being snuggled together. Put in a sunny place and water consistently, and you will have a great herb garden going. Speaking of herbs....some of you know of our giant Rosemary Bush in our yard, and we feel that Rosemary can be the next great Shrub plant in any's extremely cold hardy (you don't have to cover, yeah!), can take our hot summers (ours is in our West facing garden), you can trim to the size and look you want, and of course, once you get it going, you will have endless supply of give it a try...even a plant in a 1 gallon pot will be good size by the end of summer.

New this week, we have the first crop of the pretty Yellow Straw Flower in hanging baskets. This has always been a customer favorite, as it loves the sun and just produces flowers constantly. The cut flowers can last for months, with NO water...NO lie !

We are also restocked back up on Citronella Scented geranium, which not only helps keep the skeeters away, produces a pretty flower in the spring. Also, new this week, our stock of "Candy Dancer" Scented Geranium is here....this one has a lemon scent, and is really draught tolerant, and also full of flower buds.

These are just a few of the highlights of our new Spring offerings so come on down to markets this weekend, and check them out!

Our schedule this weekend:
Saturday Morning Market, downtown St. Pete In the parking lot of Al Lang Field Stadium, market hours 9am-2pm

Sunday Morning Market, Tarpon Springs, Corner of Alt 19 and Tarpon Ave. Market hours 9am-2pm. We are happy to say that this little market is really starting to grow and if you up in that area, we guarantee you will find some great produce, Food, Crafts and our Plants of course!

We are closing out this month and looking forward to all the great Spring Plant Shows that are coming up. Info on them can be found in our previous posts, and of course, we will be giving you the scoop about them as they get closer.

Get out and enjoy the first days of Spring and thank you as always, for supporting your local small nursery people :)

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