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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

pic "Miss Aimee " Gardenia...considered one of the world's top 3 most fragrant gardenias, and we have it !

We just returned from a wonderful Ocala Master Gardener Show and on the hectic run to head to Orlando this weekend for the Leu Gardens Spring show...huff huff puff !

The Aimee Gardenia was a big winner at Ocala and heading to Orlando with more, along with the very popular "Mrs Pollach" Geranium. We scrambled this week to get great stock together for Leu Gardens show which is usually the 2nd best show of the season aside from Green Thumb in St. Pete, coming soon.

We saw some amazing new things at Ocala...we bought 2 huge hanging baskets containing the new proven winner " Mardi gras" petunia. Many people thing that the geranium season is over, but no way...the ones we have will last through out the year and keep going...especially the Vancounver Centennial.

We are looking forward to bringing great things to Leu, including the "wollemi pine" and also gearing up for Greenfest in Tampa soon.

A side note, this weekend, on Sunday, our dear friend Rickie Oliver's ashes will be strewn on the river on his Wimamai Farm and of course, our thoughts are with his family, and Mitch and I continue to dearly miss his absence from our lives. Also, this past Sunday, Mitch lost his dearUncle Ronald Armtrong, 80 years plus young. Ron was an amazing nurseryman too, who had great influence on Mitch in his youth, who also had helped us occasionally at markets and shows this past couple of years. His knowledge and his spirit were amazing, and we will dearly miss him. A historical note, Uncle Ron was part of the very first group of Toll takers of the newly built Sunshine Skyway bridge many years ago...Ron, before that, was part of a great group of the men who ferried people across Tampa Bay long before the bridge was built. He was truly an integral part of the history of Tampa Bay. Losing 2 great men in our lives already this year has really been difficult but we continue to be inspired to head on to the future....

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