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Thursday, February 17, 2011

(pic - My Salmon Bougainvillea making a comeback from the cold!)

Whew, this week has seemed to fly by so playing catchup to tell you about some new things at markets this weekend.

One of the plant lines we have added, something that Mitch did a lot of years ago, is a great selection of "Tilansia's", which are great, EZ care air plants in the Bromeliad family. We have a wide selection of different types, all getting ready to bloom, and they are priced very reasonable from $2 to $15 range.

We also have some Fescue Grass left from the Vero Show...this small, dwarf, gray tinted mound of grass is a great option for lining beds, walkways, or use as groundcover....again, EZ to care for and quite hardy.

We have a special on exotic Australian Tree Ferns, great starters for a spot in your shade garden. Their foliage is quite spectacular. Sale price this weekend is only $20 for a 3-gallon pot. Mitch also acquired another rare tree fern, the Broad Buckler, which can reach heights of 8 ft with lovely long stems.

We still have some Citronella and Spanish Lavender, which have been flying out the booth, and our Rosemary crop is ready --Rosemary is EZ to grow, loves lots of sun, is VERY cold tolerant, and is a great aromatic addition to any garden.

Our Passion Flower Vines are really coming into their own after slow growth in the Winter, and we have a great variety, from Reds, to Burgandy, Purple, Pink, and don't forget the Purple Possum which produces a very yummy passion fruit.

This week, we will be at our usual markets and it is suppose to be just gorgeous early Spring time weather, so hope you all can come out and see us and enjoy a fun market day.

One more thing that many customers wanted me to mention to other potential customers at the St. Pete can drive in (for free) behind our booth to pick up any plant purchases, so you can buy plants, enjoy the market, then come do the pick up when you are ready..we want to make it as easy as possible for customers to get their plants home safe and sound !

Saturday Morning Market, downtown St. Pete
Al Lang Parking Lot Market hours 9am-2pm
We are in Row 6, the closest to the Water side of the Market
Parking is limited downtown, but there is a parking garage on 1st Ave. South between 1st and 2th does cost $3, but worth it, so you know you can park, stay as long as you want downtown and not get a ticket, and it's only a 1/2 block from the market.

Sunday Morning Market, Tarpon Springs, corner of Alt 19 and Tarpon Ave.
Plenty of free parking all around Market hours 9am-2pm

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