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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Valentines Day -- Almost ! Recap of Vero Beach Show

Happy Valentines Day-almost !

Is any holiday more commercialized than this ?! We choose to honor the day to love and cherish our many friends, family and market patrons that are always there to support us, so we (HEART) ya !

We will have some great plants at market this weekend that will make great Valentines Day presents for those near and dear.....Aunt Mary is bringing us a new supply of her popular Cedar Birdhouses, as we had sold out, so we are looking forward to seeing her new batch of Cedar inspiration.

Our markets this weekend:
Saturday Morning Market, downtown St. Pete
Sunday Morning Market, Tarpon Springs

We are recurperating from a great funfilled last weekend at the GardenFest at Vero Beach. Lots of work but also lots of fun, we had great weather and a great turnout from the Vero Beach crowd. This was our first big Plant show of the 2011 season, and we got too see many of our fellow nursery people and we are all excited about the upcoming season and the great shows to come. If you haven't checked it out yet, in our previous posts, we list all the big Plant shows we will be at, so check it out, and hope to see you there.

Here are some pics from Vero Beach GardenFest of our booth, our terrific helpers and some wonderful fellow vendor neighbors!

Our gorgeous "Aurora" ! We met Aurora at the Vero Beach show 4 years ago, and she has become a treasured friend as well as someone that comes and helps us out at our Spring shows. Her enthusiasm for plants is amazing, and she is an amazing saleswoman as well, we are soooo lucky to have her. She also cooked us a yummy home cooked meal on Sat. night, after a long day of selling (ah, the wonders of youth) and has us totally sold on the wonders of macadamian nut-crusted Mahi...thank you Aurora for always being there for us :)

Another amazing Wonder Woman, our dear friend Susan Sousa who's energy and enthusiasm is astounding..she is truly our Guardian Angel-at-large. Larry, Susan's hubby was also with us and I am sorry to say, that his pics didn't come out, but Larry we treasure you for your hard work and great support to us !

One view of the front of our booth...the "gray" in the middle is gorgeous Festuca Grass, surrounded by Hot Peppers, Gramma's & Sangria Crotons

This view shows the very aromatic Spanish Lavender surrounded by Ice Cream Banana, Yellow Gallardia, Purple Fire Spike and New Zealand Tea Plant

Our great friend and fellow small nurseryman Kim Turner of Frontier Wholesale Nurseries, that grows many of our gorgeous Passion Flowers, Hibiscus, Jasmines, Pipe Vines, Milkweek & Crotons for us. Kim was kind enough to haul a big part of our load over to the Vero show...thank you Kim, you are the greatest !

This is a pretty common occurance at our "away-shows" on the hotel room floor, late at night, making signs at the last minute !

Dennis Cathcart, of Tropiflora Nursery of Sarasota, in his booth at the end of the show..they had a fantastic display as usual, and sold their hearts out. Dennis's nursery is the one that sold mega plants to Singapore Botanical Gardens a few years back. Dennis is a big name in the Bromeliad world internationally ! He is also the one that kindly invites close fellow nurserymen, like us, to set up at his nursery twice a year for botanical shows..he is one of the nicest people we know !

One of the most amazing succulent plant displays we saw !

All in all, a great show, and we can't wait to hit the next big one....Ocala Master Gardeners Show March 12 & 13 !

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