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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Nice to have windows open !

Well, it is so nice to the A/C off and windows open to this beautiful weather! I hadn't realized how much I missed hearing the birds chirping all day. We have been continuing to work on our own home garden and put some lovely crotons in around the White bird of Paradise..really love the contrast.

We had a great market day this past Sat at the St. Pete downtown Market ---gorgeous day and great crowds. Love our new spot but must say it is very hard being right near all the food vendors..just makes our stomachs growl all day and we want to eat it ALL lol. Right now, we have the Taco people to our left who have a great product with long customer lines all day, and, Debra Thompson to our right, who does herbs, fruit and veggie plants and soaps. Debra is one of the original heritage vendors from the beginning of market and she always has a wonderful display and is just one the nicest people you ever want to meet. If you are looking for fruit trees, you need to check her out !

This coming weekend, we will have our crew at market while Mitch and I take off to Lakeland for a one day plant show, the "Munn Park Extravaganza". Lakeland is such a lovely town with so many gorgeous lakes and parks. It is just an hour drive from St. Pete, so we encourage everyone to visit it sometime.

We are also very excited about returning to Mt. Dora in 2 weeks, one of our favorite places to be in a plant show in the world! Will tell you more about it as it gets closer.

All for now, gotta get out and do some fertilizing...Mitch brought up a huge jar of the time-release formula, and I just love how I can easily take handfuls to spread out among the's quick, ez and you don't have to worry about burning plants as it gently releases its formula whenever watered. I am doing a very light application since it is Fall.

Happy gardening !

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