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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Munn Park at Lakeland and Market this weekend

We got home late last night from a very long day at Munn Park in Lakeland. The park itself was just beautiful, but a very challenging set up for vendors as we could not pull up into the park to unload/load so it meant everyone had to carry/cart their plants a long ways to their spot. The event had over 40 plant vendors with great variety, unfortunately, the customer turn out was down from past years. We were very thankful for some plant schlepping help by our new young friend, Jared, who had a small booth at the show and was available to help us out at tear-down time..thank you Jared, you were a blessing to our tired old bodies !!

At least we got to see many of our fellow plant nursery people who we hadn't seen since last Spring and we all spent much time debating the impact of the economy on the state of our businesses and everyone is having tough times. It also continues to impact our Sat. St. Pete Market, which had a downturn for our crew yesterday too. Guess we just have to keep plugging along !!

I am going to put some serious time into working on an "availability list" that I can send out weekly to our email customer listing. We have heard that many people want to reserve particular things for market, as well, have the opportunity to get plants outside the market place. We probably have over a thousand email contacts, so its going to take some time to go through them.

And of course, our continued efforts to get the nursery property down in Palmetto open for retail is in progress and we are very determined to get it open, at least part time, very soon !

All for now, no relaxing on Sunday.... we must go unload the trailer and do lots of watering !

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