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Monday, September 7, 2009

Sunken Gardens Plant Sale this Sat. Sept 12th

Sunken Gardens, located just north of downtown St. Pete is having a Plant Sale this coming weekend on Sat. Sept. 12th, 10 am to 4:30pm. Admission has also but cut to 1/2 price! We have been invited to participate along with a dozen or so other specialty plant vendors such as orchids, Bromeliads, Native plants etc.

If you have never been to the gardens, we highly recommend this little crown jewel that has been so much a part of our city for so long. And for those who have seen it, but not been there in awhile, it is definitely worth the trip to see the gardens as we head into the Fall season.

We will have a full display of great plants, so come on down and see us !

This past Sat. at the St. Pete Summer Market was probably the busiest Sat. of the summer season which may because lots of people are out enjoying Labor Day weekend. We really appreciate your support to us and all the other vendors !

Our own landscaping planting and clean up is on the final legs! It will be great to have our garden set to enjoy for the Fall season. I planted one of the new large White-Flowering Milkweeds and surrounded in with Hot Pink Pentas. My Giant Lavender-flower Milkweed was getting so huge, had to cut it back and will root the cuttings. The Almond Tree, with all this rain, is now about 10 ft tall and the butterflies and bees continue to thrive on it. My Lady Margaret Passion Vine also is flourishing and now lines the inside and outside of the wood fence parameter. Mitch also brought me up a pretty little Jatropha (that has a pink flower!) to add in the scape. Also, had to just put in ONE more Papaya tree! My others are all out front of the house and wanted one in the back garden to enjoy too. Can't wait to take some pics so we can share with you all !

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