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Thursday, September 3, 2009

September is here !

Hard to believe the Sept. has arrived and with it, the hope for a little less heat and humidity for all of us !
We have a gorgeous selection of Croton crops right now and we know many of you might see the plant as common, but with the new hybrids coming out, there are some outstanding new color combos, and don't forget, crotons are a hardy plant that can add great color to any landscape, or used as a potted specimen. ...and they are a very reasonably priced plant to add to your gardens.
Having grown up in Fla. all my life, I am used to seeing crotons everywhere, and while I always loved them, didn't ever pay that much attention to them, but let me tell you, I am falling in love with them all over again and planning to add them to our ever-growing garden to give some lift to all 'that green" !
Also, wanted to mention again, we have gorgeous Stromanthe (peppermint ginger), and our plants are huge and full! I have seen some at local garden centers, and while they may be priced lower than what we have, they do not compare to our specimens. As many of you know, we typically do not carry plants that are commonly found at local big chains, but when we do, we guarantee you that our plants are bigger, and in better condition!
We ended the month of August with the Market in Grand Hampton last weekend, which was a scorcher and whoohoo to all our fellow hardy vendors that put up with the heat to continue to bring their fine products to the community.
All for now, have to get out and do some gardening myself while we have the spare time before the busy Fall season is upon us. Keep tuned for more market and show info coming up and happy gardening to all :)

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