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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Rainy Days of September !

Last Saturday, at the Sunken Gardens Plant show, the Armstrong Nursery crew thought for sure we were going to drown! No, we are alive, but if you saw us that day, we resembled a trio of very wet ragmuffins ! We started setting up at 7am in the dark and pouring rain, and the rain didn't stop until about 2 pm that afternoon. I think we all did about 3 clothes changes and just gave up after that ! Amazingly, over 300 hardy plant customers turned up, umbrellas in hand, to support us and the other 5 vendors there, so it wasn't a complete loss. Thank you soooooo much to those wonderful people who braved the elements to visit and buy from us, and thank you so much to the wonderful staff and volunteers at the Gardens who stayed by our sides and helped and supported us. We are excited that we will be back at the Gardens on Sunday, Oct. 4th to one of the vendors for their ! Pepperfest !
The pic above is the wonderful little Oxalis plant, aka Shamrock. This little beauty is perfect for shade gardens, porch pots and is also an excellent indoor plant. It requires very little care so it's perfect for those who may have less than a green-thumb! We have them in 1 gallon plant pots and they can easily be replanted into the ground, a pot you have, or a hanging basket.
This Sat. Sept. 19th, is the last day of the St. Pete downtown SUMMER market at Mahaffee. We will have a full booth of lovely specimens for your enjoyment and purchase (hopefully!). The market will then go into just a 1 week hiatus until we reopen on Sat. Oct. 3rd, back at the Al Lang Stadium Parking Lot. Remember, as the Fall Market resumes, the market hours are 9am until 2pm.
See you at Market !

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