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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Is it Fall yet ??

Well, yesterday was the official first day of "Fall", but are we seeing it here? NOT, we still have another month and a bit till we see a bit of change, don't ya thing? For all of us Floridians, this is the time of year when we are biting at the dust to be able to come out our houses and feel that first tinge of coolness, right ?! So, okay, we have to be a wee bit more patient and enjoy all the rain we have been having, and also, enjoy those last long days of daylight before the time change when we can still be out in our gardens late in the day fiddling around :)

The pic here if my new fav flower called the Plumeria Pudica...a gorgeous white flowering bush. We saw this a few years ago when it took the plant world by storm and then kinda disappeared. Apparently, unlike most plumerias, it is not suppose to go dormant in winter...I will be updating you often as Mitch got me a gorgeous bush to plant in our own yard, and it is so cool to go out at twilight and see its luminescence...oh, btw, we have some to sell !!

So, this weekend, we have no market and no events to do, so we have decided to try and take a mini-vacation with the last of our savings, so frantically looking on Craigs list and such looking for a nice river house we can hang out at and do some kayaking and take a breather before we gear up for the a busy Fall season. If anyone of you have a connection about that, let us know !

Starting the weekend of Oct. 3rd, we will be busy bees with lots of great stuff coming up, so stay tuned and we will catch you all up on some great events coming up!

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John Edwards said...

I just wanted to let you know I have Plumeria Pudica, my neighbor gave me a cutting 2 years ago. It blooms all year except in Jan & Feb when it went down to 32 degrees for a few days and it got burnt. It came right back and by March was blooming again. No orange fungus has been noted like the other Plumerias. I love this plant.