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Friday, July 24, 2009

Gulfport Goes Green & Market Sat. July 25, 2009

We will be participating in the monthly "Gulfport Goes Green" tomorrow, Sat. July 25th. The event is located along the sides of Beach Blvd, that extends from the Library down to the waterfront. The hours are 10am-3pm. For more info, check out It is our first time doing it this summer and we are looking forward to seeing many old friends of ours in the Gulfport area.

We will have our usual booth at the downtown St. Pete Summer Market at Mahaffee Theater garage. The market hours are 9am-1pm and it's great location in the shade !

We still have some great stock available, including the new Giant White-flowering Milkweed, and the Big Leaf Tibouchina with the big soft leaves and they are all starting to bloom now !

We have been working in our own home garden this week trying to take control of pesky weeds and tending to our own butterfly garden and getting more basic general landscape in with some interesting Jatrophas, more Papaya and Tapioca ! Working in the mornings and late afternoon/evening seems to be the most comfortable times and it is a challenging time to be gardening with the heat but the effort is soooo worth it :) The amount of different butterflies we are attracting has me constantly reaching for the butterfly ID book and I don't think I will ever learn or remember them all !

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