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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Gardenia Time ! Market Time ?

This is a pic of a gorgeous gardenia we have right now in stock for sale. It is called "Aimee" and is one the largest blooms, rose-like, super fragrant with glossy leaves. Many of them were bought at market this past weekend and we have a few left, so contact us if you want one soon!

Gulfport Goes Green Fest, which our helper, Rick set up at for us yesterday, should be called Gulfport Goes Bust. There was only a handful of vendors, and even less handful of people who came out for the event, so that was very discouraging. A lot of work preparing, loading, unloading, set up, break down etc, and we barely made much over the vendor fee of $25.00. Perhaps Gulfport needs to re-think this event so it benefits both it's community and it's participants more positively.

On a further discouraging note, the Sat. Morning Summer Market has been increasingly slowing down with less-than-stellar crowds coming out to support it. We know it's hot....we know the economy stinks, but the community has been begging for a summer market for years and the market organizers have tried very hard to have good things in place for customers and vendors. It is up to the citizens to continue to support this market and we realize it is a catch-22...we hear customers complain that less and less vendors are coming out etc, but if the vendors are not being supported by sales on a consistent basis, they literally cannot afford to be there. So, we are putting out a plea to all to please come down and support the summer market and it's vendors so it's a win-win for all !

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