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Sunday, July 19, 2009

End of Summer Sale July 19, 2009

We just got everything cleaned up just in time for some storms coming in to the area late this Sunday afternoon, so we are xxxing fingers that we all get much needed rain!

Our 4th annual summer sale was a success and it was great to see many old friends as well make new ones. Thanks much to the support of the members of the Rare Plant Club & Rakes and Blades. Many people got some great deals on plants this weekend and we will continue to offer discounted prices on our stock for the next couple of months at markets and events. As you all know, we can arrange pick up and delivery during the week, so feel free to email us about any plant needs!

Also, special thanks to our good friends Michael Ostrander & Nancy, of Michael's Extraordinary Desserts of Sat. Morning Summer Market, who brought wonderful baked goods for us to share with our customers..yum yum !

Now, we are looking forward to this week when we can continue to work on our own home garden and get a handle on all those weeds that never seem to go away ! We are excited to add the new White-Flowering Milkweed to our butterfly garden which is abuzz with gorgeous butterflies that are enjoying the Cassia, Almond Bush, Budleia, Pentas and Hibiscus.

In closing, we wanted to add a note about soils and fertilizers that people constantly ask about. Many of us have less than perfect soil and it is important to create a great environment whenever you plant something new. We ordinarily do not ever promote any particular store etc, but in the case of soil, we do promote a line of soil that is carried by the local Lowe's store. The line is called "Jungle Growth" and they also carry an excellent an excellent mushroom compost that can be worked in to the soil. And lastly, as always, we always recommend a good handful of time-release fertilizer at initial planting and every couple of months thereafter. There are a couple of brands commonly found.

Happy Gardening and stay cool out there !

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