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Friday, May 1, 2009

Sat. Morning Market Last month of the season

Well, it is always with some relief (we are tired & look forward to sleeping in a little on Saturdays LOL) but also sentimental to get to the point of the last month of another amazing season of Sat. Morning Market in St. Pete. The market will go thru the end of May so you have only 5 more Saturdays to get your "market fever" !

We still have a great assortment of perennials and exotics to get into your garden for the summer. We are focusing more on ground cover varieties for those of us who need to fill in holes where are lawn "isn't" ! We have the last of the stock of Hollyhocks that are just coming into bloom, the popular "Joey" and lots of drought-tolerant items.

For those of you who look forward to our annual end-of-market sale at our house in St. is up in the air, as the "City of St. Pete" considers this now an "event" and wants us to pay a fee !! But if we have to do, so be it. Also, we are prepared to receive visitors down at our nursery property in Palmetto on an "appointment basis" ie..when we are there, you can be too! Don't hesitate to email or call us about that ! Our hopes is to have a "gathering" at the Palmetto property sometime in May so we want welcome your input and support.

Meanwhile, with water restrictions, it certainly continues to present a challenge to all of us gardeners. One of the the things I am working on, is how to collect the water drip from the A/C unit so we can use it at our own house in St. Pete. I started putting a big coffee can under the drip piece and was amazed how much that "drip" adds up fast. My challenge is that the drip line is very close to the ground, so have to figure out a way to container it. If you have any ideas, email us !!

Happy May Day Annie & Mitch

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