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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Green Thumb Happenings! Wow, we had a fun-filled weekend at Green Thumb, super crowds and lots of plants flying out of our booth as well as others. We are exhausted yet exhilarated from our best show of the year. We squeezed hundreds of plants into our booth space plus had 2 trailers full at curbside. We couldn't have done it without all the great Armstrong Staff, including, Donna A., Donna T, David, Shannon , Melanie (aka energy whiz), Larry S (one of our angels) the grandkids toting plants and our our ace, Aurora, from the East Coast who came all of the way across the state to help us ! And, many thanks to the many customers that turned out to support us as well as many of the other small nursery people. We know....the aisles were full, and the weather was warm, but the energy was fantastic. Mitch and David were both under the weather but managed to get the loads into the booth, sell and maintain in between many coughs and sneezes LOL. Most popular plants? The "Joeys", The "Hollyhocks", the "Double Purple Angel Trumpet", "Foxgloves"!

And now, it is May, and it is still a great time to get in those plants that will last the spring thru Fall. This is the last month of the 2008-2009 season of Sat. Morning Market downtown St. Pete, and we are looking forward to the last 5 Saturdays of the season that concludes on May 30th. We will continue to have lots of great plants to get into the garden for this season and of course, with all the water restrictions, we will focus on low-maintenance and drought-tolerant offerings.

Also, we are close to having our nursery open to the public come this month, so stay tuned for info about that!

A personal note, this Spring season brings us to a close of markets and Spring shows,but also a path towards continuing efforts of our nursery being available to the public year round. This past year has been one of financially challenged for so many and the economy continues to affect all, especially the small businesses such as ours. Our dream for a year round retail nursery has been a dream for soooo long and we could not do it without the support of family, friends and plant-loving supporters that help us on our path ! In these trying times, it is most important to support those around us so that we may all continue to prosper not only financially, but continue to strive to work and enjoy each day and embrace what we are doing. We bless all our supporters and likewise, we strive to support and embrace the efforts of people around us.

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