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Sunday, May 3, 2009

May Market Sunflowers & Ground Covers

We had some gorgeous Sunflowers at market yesterday and they went flying off of market street faster than we could sell them..more coming this weekend !
May is a quieter time at market and a great time to spend at the market without too much jostling of the crowds. All your favorites vendors are still there, so come on out and please support the tireless people who may be a bit wilting in the heat, but are still there for all of our loyal customers.

We are specializing in more and more Groundcovers, as many people are replacing lawns, or looking to fill in small patches around their yards and gardens. We continue to have Perennial Peanut & Jasmine Mimosa, and have also added various Sedums and Mosses, to come on down and check them out !

The photo on the left above, is "Gallardia" or "Blanket Flower" and is one of the most popular drought-tolerant flowers around. We are carrying it in the red/yellow and all-yellow varieties. Just one or two of the plants in 1-gallon containers will provide you a gorgeous mass of color 3 ft. by 3ft. As the plant grows, it lays over, and continues to lengthen, and produces a constant stream of gorgeous color. The ones in my yard are about 1 1/2 old and just keep getting better and better !

Many of our customers have been asking about Palms and our stock for this season is dwindling fast but we still have hardy Cardboard Palms, a few Bamboo Palms, and European Fans & Foxtail.

Also coming available are Crepe Myrtles in 2-gallon containers of various colors. Myrtles are just now starting to leaf out after their Winter dormancy and soon will have colorful blooms appearing that will last into Fall.

Hope everyone is having a restful Sunday, it's a gorgeous day outside :)

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