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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Green Thumb Weekend!!!

Wow, what a whirlwind week ! We returned from Savannah Show late Monday night, happy with the event and sales and sad to leave such a great town. Thanks to the many people who made the event work and to all the great Savannah folks who came out. This is a small, but mighty event that supports local historical efforts. Many thanks to the Houstons who put us up in their lovely carriage house and made sure we had a nice glass(es) of wine and the atmosphere of their magic garden every night ! More on Savannah later..with pics !

So, back in town and into the madness of getting ready for Green Thumb Festival here in St. Pete and poor Mitch is suffering a bad cold but holding steady. This has always been one of our most favorite, and best shows of every season and let me tell you, we have TONS of plants, and we have no idea how to fit them all into our booth ! We rent the maximum of 6 spaces (mega bucks..City of St. Pete is not cheap!) and we are packing it to the max, and will have to stage extra close by. Just some of the great stuff we have our:

Gorgeous, full Agapanthus in White and Lavender

Hollyhocks (just beginning to bloom & will be our last crop of Spring)

"Joey" our ever-popular Australian Import

Tons of great Ferns & new exotic philodendrum

Passion Vines and Pipe Vines

Tons of draught-tolerant perennials

Ground Cover---it's more important than ever these days

Double-Purple Angels Trumpets...loads of blooms on very tall plants

Lots of Butterfly-friendly stuff, and bringing you a special new rare plant, a Milkweed of the likes you have never seen!

Of course, our goal, as always, is to give you the plant that fits your needs and give you info to help it thrive!

Green Thumb Festival is located in Walter Fuller Park, just West of the Tyrone Mall area. Don't worry, tons of parking, and, we will have our OWN special youngin's to help you cart things to your car. Show time is 9am -4pm Sat & Sun.

Just a reminder, we will be putting all our efforts to Green Thumb and will NOT be at Sat. Morn. Market, downtown St. Pete this weekend but we will return for the last month of market that goes thru May 30th, BUT....don't fret, can't make Green Thumb, stay tune as we are planning a special "friends fest" at our nursery in Palmetto at our nursery next weekend, May 1-3rd, so check back in for details early next week.

Thanks for checking in with us, and hope to see many of you soon !

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