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Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Hurricane Irma-we survived, we need help !

Tuesday, Sept. 12, 2017

We finally got Internet access back after getting through Hurricane Irma so I am able to do a quick post.

First, we are fine ! Got power, TV and Internet access so we are blessed. We did stay here in St. Pete to "ride it out" because we had family, friends and plant stock to protect and support.

The home nursery is a mess ! Our home nursery in NE St. Pete where we have been keeping all our current plant stock, got it's share of bumps and bruises. We lost some personal favorite trees as far as the Almond Tree, Brazilian Tree Ferns, Yellow Elder etc, and got some fencing down and loads of debris.

Our biggest challenge with losing these trees (still hoping to save the Almond), is that we lost a ton of shade space for regular stock as well as our private stock, so it's hard to find a place to re-stage everything while we do clean up.

Prior to the storm, we loaded up our plant trailer with all our mini succulents and cacti, in addition, all our personal favorites, as well as rare stuff.  Got it all unloaded and restaged as best we could today,under a tent on our driveway and will continue to clean up our garden areas.

We DO have 2 markets to do this coming weekend - Saturday, Pierce Street Market at Clearwater, and Sunday, Safety Harbor Market on the Main - and we plan to be able to do both of them, so will prepare for them as much as we can while we do clean up.

We know we are luckier than many people that had much more challenging last 3 days, and much more damage than we had, so we are counting our blessings and just plan to move on.

So, for our followers in the St. Pete area, we know that you probably have a lot of your own stuff to clean up and attend to, but, if you happen to have some time to come help us with our clean up, we will be happy to barter your time, for future credit on great plant purchases once we get into our Fall planting season.

What do we need ?
We have a great friend coming tomorrow (Wed) to chainsaw down the broken limbs of the Almond Tree, and we are hoping we can "right" her up and see if she will survive. She fell on several fence pieces and posts that we need to get back into place.

We have a lot of small debris, like everybody, that needs to be raked and swept up into lawn bags for disposal.

The lawn garden needs to be mowed and edged (not that big of a space) and raked of debris.

In general, we just need some helping hands ! We need to re-stage some plants, water, trim, rake and sweep.

We will provide lots of cold drinks and give out lots of hugs !

If you are interested and have the time, any help is appreciated.  Just call Annie and let us know if you can come, even if it's just for an hour or two :)   727-742-9265

Thank you so much for supporting us and helping us to keep moving forward after a time that was hard for so many of us.

Annie & Mitch

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