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Thursday, September 14, 2017

Clearwater Market this weekend-Post Irma

Greetings to all our loyal followers !

We hope this finds you all safe and well after a very trying week with Hurricane Irma.

I will post more about the storm and it's affect on us, but for now, want to get the word out about  an event we will be at this weekend and we need your support!

On Saturday, we will be at Pierce Street Market, on the waterfront in downtown Clearwater.   Postponed from last weekend, this is their official last "summer market" day.

The market will run from 9am-2pm (extended hours) and there will be hundreds of vendors there that need your support.   Many of us were already challenged by weather earlier this month and so the till is getting empty and we need to get it recharged, to help us all keep on going into the Fall season.

The market is located on the waterfront, right in front of the Clearwater Marina building. There is plenty of free parking and free entrance to market. You will find lots of Food, Artisans and Plants. The weather forecast is good to go for the day !

We protected all our precious mini succulents and cacti, as well as our mini tropicals and they are all looking gorgeous and healthy. 

Next week, I will recap our experiences with Hurricane Wilma and happenings as we head into the new Fall season starting in October with Markets and Botanical shows.

For all of you that have experienced, no power, little sleep and tons of stress this week, we encourage you to get out, get some fresh air, have fun at market, and take the steps that will get us all into the "new normal"

Thank you for your support, we are blessed.

Annie & Mitch

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