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Thursday, February 4, 2016

Hollyhocks Are Back ! Events weekend Feb. 6 & 7, 2016

It's Hollyhock time !  Yes, available earlier than usual, these Tropical Hollyhocks are a special favorite of Armstrong Nursery.  The only Hollyhock that WILL work in Florida !  A true perennial here, they will provide you with a long time of beauty and the opportunity to gather it's seeds after blooming, to keep and share.

Annie recently visited an old friend that bought these hollyhocks 4 plus years ago and they have faithfully come up for them every year and the friend has been able to spread Mother Nature by sharing seeds with others.

Another favorite plant of ours is the Bougainvillea and we have them available now in 4 ft. trellis containers ready to climb on your fences and arbors.  Bougs get a bad rap sometimes for their thorns, but truly, if you are attentive gardener and guide them as they grow, they will repay you with such beauty all year long and they love love love Florida with it's heat and strong sun, and even performs beautifully in cooler months.

Call me Mellow Yellow !  The color yellow is such a great bright spot in any garden and these Straw Flowers at right, and the Yellow daisies above will put smiles on every gardener. The straw flower is especially interesting....during the day, the flower is wide open, and at night, it closes just like someone pulling a blanket around them.  The cut flower itself? It will survive, just like it looks now, for months without ANY water..try it ! These flowers are a special favorite of any child that visits our booth at market.

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Last weekend, Mitch and Annie were down in Ft. Myers for a great weekend show, and we are back in force this weekend covering 2 counties over the weekend.

On Saturday, Mitch and the boys will be covering our usual spot at Sat. Morning Market, downtown St. Pete. We all have NEW herbs, perennials, Hollyhocks, Bougainvillea and much much more.
Downtown St. Pete will be hopping with a lot of great events around market, such as Localtopia, we hope you can visit us all.

On Saturday & Sunday, Annie & Susan will manning the helm at our booth at the Gamble Mansion just down the road in Palmetto.   Gamble is part of one of many historic properties in Florida and the Mansion will be open for tours for free.  On the property, we will be part of the Arts & Craft and Plant event. We hope our loyal followers in the Palmetto/Bradenton/Sarasota areas can visit us, and for us locals in Pinellas county, Gamble is a simple, quick 35 minute ride down over the Sunshine Skyway Bridge.

NOTE! We are sorry to say, that for our loyal followers on the East Coast, we were unable to be there for the Vero Beach Garden Fest this coming weekend as planned. Mitch was under the weather and we felt it best to stay local so he could heal faster.

In closing, the forces have spoken and we agree, we think it's going to be an early Spring...enjoy this glorious rain and cool times, because lots of sunshine and warmth will be returning soon..which means, we have even more time to Dig In The Dirt !

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