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Thursday, January 28, 2016

Stop to Smell the...Camellia !

It's interesting when you are walking down the street, on your way to somewhere, usually in a hurry, that sometimes Nature calls out to you.

We are familiar with the phrase "stop and smell the roses". Its a pretty common cliche that is, I think, is always in the back of all our minds.

It can be a sight, or a smell, or a snippet of a song that brings back memories. It can be a child's laugh, the familiar sound of your neighbor clanking his gate shut, a sunset, a moon rise, a cat's meow or a loved ones yawn. In our business, it's the first opening of a bud, or the gentle wilt of a spent bloom. Its' the sight of grasses waving in the breeze. It's the butterflies flitting about in the early morning sun, seeking warmth, and the bees being, well, busy, doing their thing.

This past week, we were over in Winter Garden on a plant hunting trip in Apopka. We always stay at this wonderful old historic Inn in downtown. The morning we left, we were in a hurry, as usual, and it was cloudy and drizzling and we were rushing to the truck.  Out front, someone had the vision to plant this beautiful Camellia bush in a large planter along the street.  As I passed it by, I was struck by the fact that, even with the recent cold, and dark cloudy skies and a chilly rain, it was just sitting there..blooming it's heart out. And the smell..yes, I stopped to smell the rose, ie the Camellia..and it was musky and sweet. And then I made it a point, to stop trying to rush to drive off...I told Mitch, I have to get a pic ! I grabbed the old Ipad from the jumble of the truck, to take a pic.

It's not the most beautiful pic ever made. But that's not important. It's about stopping and taking a moment to see, smell, enjoy and record.  Life is always about moments and it's important to listen for times when we can recognize that in the rush and jumble of our lives.

So, the rush and jumble of our lives is in high gear for this weekend.  Mitch and I are off to Ft. Myers for a 2 day show while our faithful crew will be setting up for market on Saturday. The weather is suppose to be beautiful all weekend and we look forward to drying out, getting some sun and enjoying being out and about and bring fabulous plants to our events.

If you are in the Ft. Myers area,Mitch and I will be joining up for a great Arts, Craft and Plant show at Merchants Crossing in No. Ft. Myers.

New this week:  All new succulents and Air Plants, Tropical foliage house and office plants.

This weekend at market, we are happy to announce a new member to our team, Chuck Poole. Chuck has been a long time director of Horticulture for PTEK here in Pinellas county. Soon to retire from that in the Spring, Chuck is joining us now to help us with our markets and shows and bring new plants from his own collection as well as be there to help our customers in all our plant selections.  Chuck has years of experience and knowledge and we are so happy that he will be joining us to help keeping us operating as a premier exotic plant vendor at market and all our botanical events.

Welcome Chuck !

Saturday Morning Market, downtown St. Pete
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