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Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy New Year, Welcome 2015 !

Greetings and Happy New Year to All !  

We are starting off 2015 with gorgeous weather, sunny blue skies and looking forward to another great weekend at Saturday Morning Market this Sat. Jan. 3rd.

We are starting the New Year with some brand new plant stock, some of which we have never had before, so check it out:

As well as our smaller Air Plants, we will start having larger specimens of Bromeliads at Market.

These larger specimens make a dramatic statement in your gardens, homes and offices.  Low maintenance and EZ to care for, they are the perfect plant for those who don't think they have a good green thumb !

These hanging beauties are called "Vanilla orchids", and can be kept long-term in hanging baskets, or can be planted at the base of a tall tree where they will grow and attach to the trees for a spectacular look, producing small, fragrant flowers (don't worry, the plant will not harm the host tree it is growing on).

Typically found with solid base leaves, we have the variegated variety.  They like bright indirect light and are low maintenance whether in a pot or the ground.

Many of you may be familiar with the small variety of Ionantha we have at market every week, that fit nicely into little shells and such, but this variety will knock your socks off !

Called Ionantha "Huamelula" - this giant variety had a span of close to 7 inches wide and tall !

Rex Begonia - Anyone who has ever had success with great house plants, loves begonias, and this Variegated Red leaf variety is particularly stunning.

EZ to care for, the foliage alone is gorgeous.

One of our most exotic offerings right now is commonly known as a "Bat" Plant, as the bloom resembles the face of a Bat, with a long beard of white tendrils.

Loving bright shade, they can be planted in-ground, or will do fine as a container plant indoors and out.

They bloom off and on all year long and are a favorite with rare exotic plant collectors, and for anyone who likes to have something that you can't commonly find.

Along with a new supply of great mini-succulents, Air Plants and hardy perennials, we are hope you can stop by and check them all out at market this weekend.  Here's the scoop:

Saturday Morning Market
Al Lang Field Parking Lot
Corner of 1st street and 1st Ave. south, St. Pete
Market hours 9am-2pm
Armstrong Nursery is located on the very back (East Row) of the Market, just look for our colorful display and our smiling faces !

Mitch Armstrong Nursery is a licensed Tropical Plant Nursery with the state of Florida
(note: Can't make market? Feel free to call or email us to make an appointment in St. Pete )

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