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Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Christmas Eve 2014

 Seasons Greetings from Mitch Armstrong Nursery ! Whether you are celebrating Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa and a lot more from around the globe, it's a time to celebrate, reflect and spend time with family and friends.

For us, the work goes on ! Before and after Market days, we are busy tending to our plant stock, getting new seedlings into place, weeding, repotting, TLC'ing, and of course, there is also that paperwork and new signs to make !

We had a fabulous Saturday Morning Market this past weekend, when everyone was out and about getting ready for their holiday, and this coming Saturday, after celebrating our Christmas, we will be back in business at the market this Sat. Dec. 27th to keep bringing tempting botanical delights for your gardens and homes.

We have been gifted with very fine weather this late Fall going into Winter, and the plant stock is doing amazing.  We believe that the slow cooling that started last month, actually got the plants more attuned to a time of increased dormancy and sustainability.   This "slow cooling" is much more healthier for plants than a sudden strike of intense cold...just goes to show, how Mother Nature knows how to take care of herself, especially in Florida !

This coming weekend, we continue to have our lovely succulents and brand new Central and South American Tillandsias (air plants) that will continue to give you color and delight during our cooler months.  Our Lavender plants just love this time of year and will provide much needed calmness and aroma to soothe your senses.  You will probably notice how the Bougainvillea in the area is blooming like's because of the decrease in moisture and the gentle Fall/winter sun that makes them shine.

You may see a decrease in the numbers of Butterflies, who don't tend to be very active in Fall/Winter, but it is important to keep having Butterfly friendly host and nectar plants to meet the needs of the hardy ones still flitting about.  Want to attract more butterflies and birds to your garden? A water source is a great benefactor..and it doesn't have to be fancy..... a shallow dish, replenished daily, will be much appreciated. But have to say, don't shy away from whatever you have that you are of our neighbors uses an old ceramic innard of a crock pot, and it's a popular place for all garden critters.....who would have thought of that ?!

Happy Holidays to all of you loyal followers and supporters, we wish you the merriest of days!

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