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Thursday, October 9, 2014

News and Views for Market this weekend, Oct. 11th, 2014

 Well, we all had a welcome respite of some cool, dry air this past Sunday, after some hot and rainy days proceeding it while setting up for the Tropiflora Fall plant sale in Sarasota and the opening day of the Saturday Morning Market in downtown St. Pete.

As usual, we had a great time and a great turnout for the Tropiflora show and are thankful for the support ! The St. Pete Market started off a bit rainy but this weekend is suppose to be clear and nice and we expect a record turnout as the new season gets underway.

At left, our Chrisitia obcordata continues to be a popular specimen plant for our customers.

We have some gorgeous, large Orange Bird of Paradise Plants, in full bloom, right now. The addition of one of these specimens would definitely make a 'wow" statement in your garden. They love sun and are low maintenance when coming to watering.

They also make a great container plant, especially for those of you who have patios and balconies that get lots of sun and wind and you need something to withstand the elements.

Many of our customers are looking for interior plants for the homes and offices and the White Bird of Paradise is one of the best choices.

As we know, in the ground, they can get quite large, but kept in a container, they are slow growing and will add a bit of tropical flavor to your interiors.

Don't have the space for a large one, like shown at left? We have them in 1 gallon size too.

Split Leaf Philodendron, another great choice for interior plant, that needs a bit more room.  They are also lush and gorgeous in shady landscapes.

Another great interior plant in stock right now, is the Bamboo Palm. Tropical and sturdy, they grow columnar so they don't take up much space. EZ to grow and maintain.

Right now we have some of the most gorgeous, lush Dutchman Pipe Vines we have ever had and they are a crowd favorite.

The host and feeder plant for the Swallowtail butterfly, their blooms are something to behold.  Wanting to crawl on a fence or arbor, they provide much needed elements for Butterfly

This coming week, we are gearing up for another great day at Saturday Morning Market, downtown St. Pete. The following weekend, we head to Boktoberfest in Lake Wales, for beer-garden blast of music, activities, garden tours and will be part of a contingent of 40 plus vendors from around the state bringing our own specialties of plants.

And, some of the best news yet, we have back in stock, Hand made Cedar Birdhouses !

These Cedar Birdhouses have long been popular with our customers.  Well made, super sturdy and beautiful, they can provide for home for birds in your ask "what kinds of birds?" Well, many customers who purchased them in the past have reported back to us that all kinds of birds have set up household in their birdhouse....Blue Jays, Mockingbirds, Cardinals, Doves and more !

Of course, they can just be used for decor, and look great hanging in your garden or sitting on your porches.  The cedar is long lasting and best of all, smells great too.

Looks like the weather is warming up again for the weekend, but no rain in the forecast so looks to be a great weekend to get out and about in our community.  See you at Market !

Here's the scoop:

Saturday Morning Market, downtown St. Pete
Al Lang Parking Lot, corner of 1st street and 1st avenue south, St. Pete
Market hours 9am-2pm
Live Music, 130 vendors, tons of great food, arts and crafts and plants
LOOK for Armstrong Nursery on Row 6 (the row closest to the Bay side), midway in the row.

Mitch Armstrong Nursery is a licensed Tropical Plant Nursery with the state of Florida
(note: Can't make market? Feel free to call or email us to make an appointment in St. Pete !)

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