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Thursday, June 26, 2014

We are mad about Madagascar Palms !

  Well, summer is officially here, and don't we know it? I think it started wayyyy back in May, if you ask us, with the heat and humidity descending upon us quickly.

Interestingly, why us humans suffer the heat effects, our garden seem to just thrive in all these temps, so we thought it would be fun to share some pics of plants around our garden...

To the right, is the commonly called "Lifesaver" plant (Huernia zabrina)...they just thrive in this heat and humidity and don't mind if we totally ignore them for a long time, but of course, when they are blooming, we pay big time attention to them.

Mitch loves to mix different succulents together and this pot thrives on a full western front patio.

Succulents continue to gain popularity for their ease of growth, tolerance to heat and not needing much water and the variety is amazing. We love to bring an assortment to market every week for our customers.

This dwarf Agave is splitting the pot as it grows. The edges look at little ragged but love the white markings that look like someone took a teeny paint brush to.

This gorgeous red Rhipsalis is a show stopper under our Grapefruit tree.

This Kalenchoe is one of Annie's favorites for its soft texture, leopard spots and it's so cool how it produces its babies on the very tip.

The Wercklea ferox leaves are just amazing..spiky as all get out, with an amazing texture and color variance between new and old leaves coming out.

Close up of the Giant White Milkweed (hairy balls) seed pod.  Our 2 mother plants are loaded with seedpods and we have to check them daily before they explode and the seeds scatters on thin little white hairs.

Mystery Passion flower....Mitch is not sure where he got this specimen, and it just now has started to bloom. Small, delicate white bloom is gorgeous.

Lavender lady passion vine is blooming like crazy and the butterflies and caterpillars are going nuts for it, as usual.

This Tilandsia plant has a flower stem spike that is about 3 plus feet long!  It produces the most lovely little flowers.

Annie's all time favorite, Big leaf Tibouchina is starting her blooming season. The flowers last for a long time and the color is so striking, this baby is in morning sun and loving it.

Miss Alata Ceruella continues to bloom her heart out and many customers have been going home with them from market.

Gorgeous color and scent. They are coming to market with us this weekend.

These Clerodendron Pagoda flowers are just loving the heat and humidity and very happily live along side their pals, the Butterfly wing.

One of Mitch's favorite plants, the Madagascar Palm.  These babies aren't babies anymore, reaching 3 feet and more.  And yes, he "may" let me bring a few to market this weekend!

Crown of Thorns resting under Egyptian papyrus love love love the sun and humidity.  Totally love them for their low maintenance and  long lasting flowering.  These babies will be at market this weekend.

There is a lot happening in the Burg this weekend, so we are looking forward to seeing everyone at market before they head out for the big Pride events in the Grand Central area.

Here's the market scoop:

Saturday Market at Williams Park
Park is located between 3rd and 4th streets and 1st avenue north
Plenty of free parking on surrounding streets
Safe, shady strolling among the Oaks
Fresh produce and Foods
Arts and Crafts
Plants and yard art
Market hours 9am-1pm.

Can't make Market day? Give us a call or email to set up appointment to visit us !
Mitch Armstrong Nursery is a licensed Tropical Plant Nursery with the state of Florida

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