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Friday, June 20, 2014

Butterfly Wing, Papyrus, Passion Flowers winging it into Market June 21st !

This morning dawned warm as usual, but the nursery is alive with action and blooming plants galore !  Today, we are getting ready for preparing our load to take to the Williams Park Saturday Summer Market, downtown St. Pete and can't wait. We missed  market last weekend as Mitch was under the weather, but he is fine, the plants are fine, I am fine, and we are ready to go again.

Our Alata Ceruella Vines are blooming like mad and my butterflies swarm it daily to enjoy it's blooms and lay their eggs.

Christia obcordata (Butterfly Wing) are just loving the weather and don't mind the heat and humidity. If you follow our blog, I did a long posting a couple of weeks ago about our experience with it.

And yes, to answer many inquiries, they ARE for sale !

I love to see emerging butterflies drying their wings out shortly after leaving their cocoons. They are quite docile at this point and you can even handle them, but I try and keep my hands to myself and just enjoy watching the process !

In addition to the Purple Possem Edulis Vine we have carried for quite awhile, we now have the Yellow Edulis Vine, that also puts out incredibly tasty fruit, plus, the flower smells intensely of remember those bright red cinnamon candies we all used to eat?  Yup, just like them.

This bloom was just opening as I took my early morning stroll.

Perennial Morning Glory is one of Annie's favorite flowers and they always bring a smile to everyone's faces. This one is not invasive (the seeds are sterile) and if you want some good coverage over a fence, trellis, up a tree etc, she is perfect.

Tall Egyptian Papyrus is always a show stopper and a customer favorite.  These pots are full of lots of stems and just waiting for new homes in water gardens and boggy areas. A non-invasive clumper, this will work in-ground or big pots.

Speaking of, many people ask us about keeping the papyrus in pots and yes, you can do it....just a couple of recommendations: use a BIG pot (for stabilization as well as giving your plant room to grow); put a large dish/platter etc under your plant, and keep the water level full; when they start getting too full for the pot, simply divide them by using a sharp, sterile blade/saw or shovel head.

The warm weather has brought out the intense white blooms of the Plumeria pudica.  Tall (about 4 ft right now), they are prolific bloomers with unique leaves and the white color really pulses out in the garden, especially late day.

Got some shade? We still have a lot of great color and texture to brighten up those shady areas.  Caladiums are a favorite as they come in so many colors, textures and prints and are so easy to grow and maintain.

Pagoda clerodendron was just mentioned in some postings with our fav Tampa Bay writer, Penny Carnathan, of the "Dirt Column" of Tampa Bay times.

The blooms are large and unique and these can actually take quite a bit of shade or sun and still do well. Butterflies love them,and for our north county and inland residents, they are a must for attracting hummingbirds.

One more beauty to tempt you with, Mitch found these gorgeous Crotons and they are just yummy to look at and gawk. Grown in some shade/filtered light, they will keep this gorgeous variegation of colors.

Well, hope some of these pics enticed you enough to come visit us at Market, and of course, you can always call to make a personal appointment during the week to visit us.  Here's the scoop:

Williams Park Saturday Summer Market
1st avenue north, between 3 and 4th streets (the park where all the City buses come through)
Market hours 9am-1pm
Plenty of free parking on surrounding streets
Shady, safe strolling under the Oaks
Plants, Crafts, Produce and Food stuff to feast your eyes on and buy !
Our booth is located on the Northeast corner of the park. There is a spot for plant pick up, and also talk to us about delivery if your vehicle is too small to carry out.

Can't make Market day? Give us a call or email to set up an appointment to visit us !
Mitch Armstrong Nursery is a licensed Tropical Plant Nursery with the state of Florida

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