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Monday, April 28, 2014

Green thumb Festival wrap up and more to come !

We survived Green Thumb Festival 2014 !  This past weekend was one of our best ever and we could not have done it without this crew....

The crowds were just tremendous on Saturday, especially, so much so, that the crew and customers were tripping over each other trying to get to plants fast enough !

We tried to have adequate pathways, we tried to have a layout that was customer friendly, and we apologize if once you went a step out of our booth, you couldn't get back in ! (and we could not either  ! )

The weather was gorgeous, tho a bit steamy on Sunday and we are so grateful for our customers that came out to support us and all the vendors there.   This is an event that helps many a vendor "get over" the summer when things slow down. The stakes are high and we work our butts off to have great plant offerings.

Over 200 Vietnamese Hollyhocks found good homes !

As well as hundreds of perennials, exotic tropicals, Hibiscus, Succulents, Bananas, Eucalyptus, Passion Vines went flying out of the booth and are hopefully now gracing many a homeowner garden.

We left a few bodies in the road, ahem, very hard workers, that helped over the weekend.  Superstar seller Larry Sousa, Superstar plant schlepper Jeremy and even brother, Marshall Armstrong, were along for the ride.

I think this picture was taken just after I asked them to move a few more plants around.....

In the end, it was a lot of hard work, a ton of fun and we are ever so grateful to all the people who came to support us, so thank you thank you thank you.

So, what's next ?! Well, we have our local St. Pete Market regular season that runs till the end of May, and, we have our annual Plant Sale at our house in St. Pete in 2's whats happening with our nursery...

Sat. May 5th, Saturday Morning Market, downtown St. Pete

Sat. May 12th, Saturday Morning Market, downtown St. Pete

Fri-Sat, May 9 & 10th - Annual Spring Plant Sale  - this is our yearly spring sale where we start cleaning out the yard and the nursery to downsize for the summer, so you will find super buys on all sorts of great stuff. Since we don't have a retail nursery, here's the info about the sale:

Place:  1331 39th Avenue North, St. Pete  33703 (corner of 14th street and 39th avenue north)
Time:  Fri and Sat, 9am to 5pm,  
What:  Annual spring plant sale, come to our "garden party" !

For those of you down in the Punta Gorda area, we will be down there for the annual Hibiscus Festival the weekend of May19 & 20th.  Location in Gilchrest Park, right on the water.

Regular Saturday Morning Market season ends on Sat. May 26th, then we go right into Summer Market season at Williams Park, downtown St. Pete, on Sat. June 3rd.

**Happy Planting **

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