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Thursday, December 19, 2013

HoHoHo, Holiday Greetings all, can't believe how fast December has gone by, and we have been so busy with Markets.  We are truly blessed that so many come out to support local business people !

This weather has everyone still in the mood to get some good planting in, along with buying holiday stuff such as Xmas Cactus and gorgeous Red begonias.  This coming Saturday is going to be beautiful weather wise, and if you are looking for last minute gifts, the Sat. Morning Market, is the perfect place for One-Stop Shopping for unique gifts for everyone.

What are we bringing to market? Well, more lovely Red begonias that make the perfect gift for yourself for your home and patio as well as great hostess gifts when you make the rounds of the Holiday parties.

Air Plants !  Looking to give a plant, that is low maintenance and that you can keep easily till the big day?  Tillandsias are perfect and we have a wide variety of very cool looking Air plants that you can gift to yourself and others.  Coming soon, in January, while at market, we are going to have live demonstrations on what to do with your air plants.....put them in shells, glue to driftwood, hang in trees.  We have a great assortment of unique shells and wooden baskets to use.

All our air plants are from Central and South America and will thrive well here in our Tampa Bay area. The cool thing about these plants is that their blooms are truly unique and spectacular.

Colorful Bougainvillea continues to fly out of our booth, in wood trellises and hanging baskets and we have more, more more !So come on out, celebrate a gorgeous weekend in downtown St. Pete and stop by and say hello.  As always, we are blessed and treasure everyone that continues to support us.

Happy Holidays all !

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