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Thursday, October 10, 2013

  It's finally time for "Fall" in Florida and I know many of you wish we had the gorgeous leaves of a typical northern Fall, but what's interesting to note, although a lot of the country have those beautiful leaves, that's all they see, their season is over, while here in Florida, so we are lucky to continue to have the weather that will support great plants and color all through our Fall and Winter !

This past week, we had a couple of snafus that changed our schedule a bit......due to truck mechanical problems, we were unable to set up at the opening day of St. Pete Saturday Morning Market, nor the Wednesday Phillippi Mansion Market in Sarasota, but the forces aligned, and we are back in much better shape this coming week.

This Saturday, you can find us at the Saturday Morning Market, downtown St. Pete.  Look for us in the very last row (most east, closest to Bayside), we will be there with a gorgeous selection of plants for the new season.  Since our season is just beginning, every week will find more and more assortment.

Because it's almost Halloween time, and it IS October, you gotta have some orange, and our fresh crop of the Gator Orange Hibiscus is ready. This sold orange Hib is a great year round bloomer.

and, one of our customer's favorites.

Another great plant, on the orange theme, is the uncommon yellow/orange Lipstick plant and we have huge hanging baskets that are beginning to bud and bloom.

Some other great color we will have are bright Red Porterweed, Purple Plectranthus (Mona Lavender).

You all know we love our Butterfly friendly plants and we have a great assortment of host Passion vines, as well as Necklace Pod Popcorn Cassia and Milkweeds.

Speaking of Milkweed, our newest crop of the Giant White "hairy  balls" Milkweed is coming along and we have affordable starter plants for sale.

Customers wanting water-loving plants will be happy to see our new crop of Giant Egyptian Papyrus, Dwarf Papyrus plus Horsetail.

Looking for some hardy landscape plants? We have 3 gallon full Rosemary..great for the landscape, completely edible and cold hardy.  Mitch also came across some nice Foxtail palms which are fast growers and pretty cold hardy.

Looking for edibles?  We are back in stock with our popular Purple Possem Passion Fruit Vine and the Quadrangularis Passion fruit vine.  Also new this year, Chaya....not only are the leaves edible, but it's an excellent butterfly attractor.

Also new this year, we are starting to offer Bamboo at Market......we only sell the non-invasive clumping variety, and this week we have regular and dwarf Buddha Belly.

Also back in stock, Air Plants..gorgeous supply of EZ to care for Tillandsias and more.

We can't forget, back in stock, Tropical Mini Plants..perfect for those Mini Gardens and Terrariums.

I could go on and on, but this will give you a good idea of what we have and of course, we will have much much more, so hope you can make it to market !

Finally, wanted to talk for a sec about our great show at Tropiflora Nursery down in Sarasota last weekend, record crowds and sales made for a fun weekend. Thanks so much to Dennis and Linda Cathcart and all their crew for welcoming us in for the show.

Also, last week, we gave you a teaser about a newspaper article coming out that featured Armstrong Nursery and one of our favorite places, Weeki Wachee river. The article came out last weekend in Tampa, unfortunately not in Pinellas county, but you can check the article out here! :

We are going to talk about article and the plants we put in up there, more next week, stay tuned !

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