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Friday, October 25, 2013

Greetings all on this gorgeous Fall day here in St. Pete. Don't you just love this cool front that finally made it past the Florida border, to give us some relief? Needless to say, it's put a spring in our step, the plants are basking in the non-humidity and we have great plants coming out for the start of this season.

Due to technical difficulties, we were not able to post till today, so hopefully this will get you caught up quick.
We had a fabulous time at Bok Tower Garden Show last weekend, with record crowds coming out to enjoy the park and all the vendors.   We almost sold out our booth so we are very grateful for the crowds that came out and hope everyone is enjoying their new plant purchases.

This past Wednesday, we also started at the Wednesday Phillippi Mansion Market down in Sarasota. What a great little market, great variety of vendors, ez to get to, volunteers galore to help you park, walk and carry your stuff. The day started out a bit drizzly and cloudy then got sunny and windy....wind, ah, wind, our least favorite condition on market day, but again, the crowds were supportive.

Tonight, we just got done with loading our trailer for Saturday Morning Market, downtown St. Pete and the trailer is stuffed with goodies, so much so, Mitch had to use all his might just to close the doors ! Lots going on downtown St. Pete this weekend, so we hope you have time to stop on by and check out the market.  For those newbies, here again, is the link for everything about the market, location, directions etc.:

Next weekend, we are off to the lovely little town of Mt. Dora for it's annual Fall Plant Festival (another great one-tank trip for those who love to meander around the state checking new things out). This year, the show will be set up in historic downtown Mt. Dora.  Not only can you check out the Plant festival, but there are loads of great shops around to meander through.

Okay, plant, plants, let's talk plants. This time of year we focus on cold hardy, Fall & winter blooming plants so that you have some great color all through the season and low maintenance.  Some of our most popular offerings:

Almond bush....yummy smell, blooms all year, cold hard to 10 degrees, great butterfly/bee attractor
Popcorn Cassia....yummy smelling leaves, pretty yellow blooms, and this is the time of year it shines.
Liatris...native, showy purple flowers, loves sun, draught tolerant

Vines, vines, always, we love our butterflies, and yes, this is still a great time to get a vine in..get it established now, mulch well, and it will provide you with abundance of foliage, flowers, and not to mention, provides nourishment and hosting for our beloved butterflies.  Especially popular, the Purple Possum Vine which produces yummy tasting fruit.

Hibiscus--did you know that Hibiscus is butterfly friendly? As you know, we only carry uncommon colors and right now, our solid Gator orange is blooming its heart out. We also have a variety in the "dinner plate" family, that produces really large pink die for.

Night Blooming Jasmine--who doesn't want to smell something gorgeous during the evening, especially in this weather where we have our windows open....we have got gorgeous 3 gallons, loaded with bloom buds that are going to knock your socks off this coming week !

Orange Lipstick hanging Basket--most of you are familiar with the common Red variety with small blooms..these basket are truly spectacular, about 4 feet long, with buds and blooms....great color for the Fall and low maintainance, they just want some filtered sun and don't require much water.

 ! Herbs although we do grow a bunch of herbs ourselves, we also have a great connection with a small grower who produces some of the largest variety of herbs here in Florida. Starters in 4" pots, they are perfect for getting your herb garden plot or container going.

I could go on and on, but hey, we know everyone is busy, so hopefully this just gave you a taste of some things we have, so come on down to Market and see us, and we thank you ahead of time for buying Local, staying Local and supporting Local !

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