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Friday, June 28, 2013

June 29th rainy days and sun

Sorry for the delayed post this week, Mitch and I actually took a few days to escape the heat of St. Pete to head up to the cold, clear waters of Weeki Wachee River, one of our favorite places in the world.  If only we could have that river right outside our house here, we would be cool cucumbers all the time !

The end of June is here and summer is quickly bouncing into July already.  All the rain we have been getting has been a Godsend to the plants and lawns everywhere, and looks like we might have some slight showers this weekend, but that will only help to keep ourselves cooler !

If you are going to be in St. Pete this Saturday for the Gay Pride Parade (there is a lot to celebrate this year) why not stop by the Williams Park Summer Market before the parade ?  Our tree-lined sidewalks at the park are the perfect spot to browse, and we have 40 of our best friends, aka, other vendors, there for your shopping pleasure.  We are located in the northeast part of the park, and we love our location especially as we anchor the "home and garden" part of the market ! You will find the Schrameks of Tropical Glass creations with their lovely garden art, Deb Thompson, who brings herbs and fruit trees, Bonsai, and lately we have also been joined by Bob Bradley who shows his art and craftsmanship with his Adirondack Furniture for indoors and out.

This week, plant wise, we have lots of new Tillandsias, Butterfly friendly specimens, and hardy-for-the-sun landscape plants.  The Popcorn Cassia is blooming and nothing beats the lovely scent of their leaves that smell just like hot buttered popcorn.  We were sold out of Passion Fruit vines, but now have more ready. The fruit is from the Purple Possem Passion vine, and is very popular for it's tasty and healthy properties.


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