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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Happy Holidays to all, come join us to celebrate !

 Season's Greetings to all, and the week is winding down to the last Market Weekend before Christmas Day and us, and many of our vendor friends have some great gifts and ideas for that last minute shopping !

Last weekend at St. Pete Market was an interesting day.  Saturday Morning, not far from the Market area, there was an event called the "Color Run", a fundraiser is which thousands of people, dressed all in white, walk around downtown while getting pummeled by a powdery mixture of Corn Starch in various colors.  A great and fun idea to raise money...but.....

about 10am, an ominous Orange dust cloud descended upon the market area, covering vehicles, tents, products, product and first it didn't seem to be too bad, but then it got thicker and thicker and soon the Market area began to take a look on of a orange pumpkin ! 

Needless to say, it was a mess, and the organizers, once alerted to the problem, did make an effort to help by having pressure washer crew come in to hose down vehicles and such.  It helped, but I am sure we are not the only ones that had to keep washing our vehicles off during the past week..that stuff does NOT blow off, it sticks to everything and keeps showing up !  It also gave us the pleasure of having to pull out our tents on the lawn and spend hours scrubbing them down.  We must say, the tents do look great but I would have rather be working in the garden than cleaning.  For many vendors, this past week was spent not only cleaning vehicles and tents but our product/display items too.  And, it was said that it was "only" corn starch and was completely safe...???  Hmmm..tell that to our eyes, noses and lungs that felt the effects for days.

Oh well, learning lesson for all, and we found out it affected many other events downtown too when the Tampa Bay Times article came out about the mess, this past week.  We hope that the City and the Event organizers pay heed the next time if they want to do this event does NOT belong in a downtown city environment and certainly not anywhere near property and people who will be affected by these clouds of dust.  Okay, time to get off the Soapbox and onto to more fun things....

We have a cool front coming and some much needed rain Thursday night, but looks to be a gorgeous weekend, though a bit cooler so that means, great time to pull out those Holiday Sweaters and head to market

Here's some great ideas at Market for you to check out and get, and you will be all set for the Big Day:

1)  Head to Bob & Daughter Produce first and get your regular produce for the weekend and holiday but also check out their display of Nuts and Fruits..they make great Stocking Stuffers

 2) Just across the aisle, check in with Alice at Cheese Garden. She always has a fabulous display of unusual cheeses that are perfect for putting out before the main meal.  The great thing about Alice's products, they come in different sizes so you can pick the perfect size for your needs. She always has some products on sale too, and always has something unusual that you will never see in a regular grocery store.

3) Just a bit around the corner, check out Olga's Fresh Breads,  Olga is a talented baker and our kitchen shelves and freezer are never without some of her bread assortments. Our favorite? The Rosemary Bread !  Yes, Olga's breads are baked fresh, to be immediately used, but we have found that they all freeze very well, and we can just pull out any amount to defrost during the week.

4)  Just across the way, check out Martin Fisher, with his fresh Florida seafood and he has a yummy Fish spread that is perfect to set out for holiday party.

5)  As you wind around market, you will find a great assortment of vendors that have specialty food items that you can use, or give as gifts..who doesn't want some yummy Pepper Jelly or Herb spiced dips?

6)  Hit Steve and Kim Schramek's booth at Tropical Glass's like a one-stop shopping bonanza. We love their unusual Glass Cheese Plates, their gorgeous Garden Art, unique Xmas ornaments and beautiful glass jewelry.

There is so much much more, but of course, dont' forget to walk along the back aisle (closest to the water side) where you will find more great produce, and the "Gardening/Farm" vendors --  Plumeria and Desert Rose galore, great Herbs and Fruit trees from Debra and of course, us, Mitch Armstrong Nursery, where you will find gorgeous flowers to decorate your home and garden with and, we still have the popular Hand Made Cedar Birdhouses available, that make a great gift for anyone on your list that you haven't shopped for yet.

Hope to see you at Saturday Morning Market, downtown St. Pete, or at the Downtown Tampa Market on Sunday !  our new motto:  "Think Small, not Mall" and buy Local "

May your Holiday be peaceful, filled with Fun, Family, Friends and Love of our great little community, the Village we all share !

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