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Thursday, October 25, 2012

We had a great time at Boktoberfest, at Bok Tower in Lake Wales last weekend. Good crowds and great to see many vendor friends who we had missed over the summer.  In between setting up on Friday, Mitch was finally able to look around the Gardens a bit, something we have never had time to in the past, and here is a couple of interesting pics of specimens they have at the garden

Very cool looking Staghorn

Even cooler-looking giant Tilansia

Back home this week, we are busily preparing for Markets this weekend, plus, planning ahead for the following weekend when we head up to Mt. Dora for our favorite Fall Garden Festival.

We will be at Saturday Morning Market this Saturday and Note !The market is closing a tad early, at 1:45pm, as we all have to be out of the parking lot because of a game in the stadium that night.  On Sunday, we will be at Tarpon Springs Sunday Market.

Here's some pics of some goodies we will have this weekend:

This is a gorgeous Fall planter is a Halloween Special at market this weekend.  It has orange Heleconia along with assorted colorful perennials in a faux barrel container. Perfect for porches & patios and even can be used inside temporarily to spruce up your decor. The container with the plants stands about 3 feet tall.

Special this week:  $20

"Lady Di" Heleconia

Double Yellow Datura

"Cotton Candy" Heleconia

  New! "popcorn" Cassia....rub her leaves and she really smells like Buttered popcorn !

Fan favorite Dwarf poinciana


Bubble Pink Mandavilla and Blackberry Iris


White Flowering Firebush

Mitch's newest prized specimen, "Werklea ferox"..this spiky gal is amazing to look out and is in the Hibiscus family, having a gorgeous red and yellow bloom.  A definite "must have" for rare plant specialist, it just needs a good spot in your garden where you don't get nicked, and room to grow (our oldest plant is about 8ft tall right now). We have babies in 6" pots and a few 3 gallon specimens left

No, your eyes aren't deceiving you...... these are teeny tiny plants in 1 inch pots and they can be used for Terrariums and miniature gardens, and in fact, soon......

 "Annie's Magical Miniature Gardens" will be included in our weekly markets.  Come to our booth and check it out !

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