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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Tropfilora Nursery & Sat Morning Market-both Hot spots to be this past weekend!

Wow, what a great opening Market and Plant Show season we had this past weekend, though we must say, it's October, Mother Nature, please, it's time to get rid of this heat and humidity. Let's face it, especially for a gal, it's kinda hard to look pretty when you have sweat pouring down your face as you earnestly try and answer customer's questions.  Nevertheless (is that one word or 3?), it was an interesting and fun weekend at both events.

Mitch, me and Crosby (our stalwart young helper) did the set up at Tropiflora on Thursday in the midst of a heavy downpour which produced 2 feet of standing water on the ground, making for muddy paths, soaked sneakers and again, I didn't look too pretty. Crosby spent quite a bit of time gathering pine needles to lay on paths so we, and our potential customers, wouldn't slip and slide.

If you don't know, Tropiflora Nursery in Sarasota, twice a year (Fall and Spring) has a super Plant Show with special discounts on their inventory and as well, invites 20 of their fellow Nursery people to set up on the property too. This year brought the addition of having Kim and Steve Schramek of Tropical Glass Creations having a great set up of their gorgeous yard art.

Early Friday morning, me, Crosby and other super helper, Larry, headed down to run our booth at Tropiflora and we had a good crowd come out, not only for the super sales that Tropiflora had on their Bromeliads, Tilansias etc, but good business all around for everyone. As the day went on, we were in communication with Mitch, as he was preparing the load for the St. Pete Market and was due to head to Tropiflora in the afternoon to meet up with us. Unfortunately, Mitch got stuck in the traffic of that terrible 56 car collision on I-75 at University Parkway exit in Sarasota. This was the very exit he was headed to, but luckily was not involved in the accident scene that had just happened a bit before. Poor Mitch spent about an hour and half creeping down the highway, but got off safe and sound.

Saturday brought the opening of the 10th season of the Saturday Morning Market in St. Pete and Mitch, Susan and Keisha got our set up going and had a great time. I sure missed seeing everyone on opening day but look forward to many hugs this coming Saturday from vendor friends I have missed over the summer. The Market had a great turnout, despite the fact that there was a lot going on downtown that day and we know parking and getting around was a challenge.

Saturday, Larry, me and Mitch's grandson, Kevin manned the booth at Tropiflora and about melted in the heat and humidity. Unfortunately it was very uncomfortable for customers too but many hardy people came out and we were thankful for that.

Sunday brought the closing day of the 3 day event at Tropiflora and again, had a good turnout.  Customers were loving our Helleconia, Hibiscus, Almond Bush, Yellow Elder, Papyrus, Stingray alocasia and much more.  Dennis and Linda Cathcart, owners of Tropiflora, along with their grown kiddos, Scott & Robin, along with super helper in-laws, Debbie and Alan, and all their employees were super supporting to all of us and we can't thank them enough for including us !

Well, onward and upward as the saying goes, and another big weekend coming up as we continue into the St. Pete Market season, as well as the opening day of Sunday Market up in Tarpon Springs.  We are lucky that there is an Arts and Craft show going on Tarpon Avenue too for the weekend, so we expect good crowds and can't wait to return to the land of the Greeks.

Here's some pics from our weekend at Tropiflora:

Baby, it's hot outside ! Like I said, it's hard to look pretty....

                                              Gorgeous Hibiscus Tree we had

A fellow vendor has this pretty Variegated Jatropha

                        along with Sunset Musceanda

Inside Tropiflora' Bromeliad and Orchid Greenhouse

                    Colorful Tilansia

This happy customer had plant specimens from many vendors including our Blackberry Iris

Crosby and Mitch enjoying some yummy Chinese take-out after a long day of working

Thanks to Mike of Raymond James & Associates who supplied us with free Coffee and Donuts every day to help get us going !

So, recapping this coming weekend..check it out:

Saturday Morning Market, downtown St. Pete (
Saturday, market hours 9am-2pm
Al Lang Field Parking lot on 1st Avenue South and 1st Street

Sunday Morning Market, Tarpon Springs
Corner of Tarpon Avenue and Alt 19
Market hours 10-3pm  (may be extended this Sunday because of Craft show nearby)

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