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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Tropiflora Show, Markets and Oh, our aching backs!

Oh, our aching backs ! If you have been following our blogs lately, you know we have been on such a rat race with our Plant shows, Markets and taking care of our Real Lives, and it has really caught up with us, and we are waving the white flag and listening to our hearts and bodies, and saying we need to stop, drop and recharge (we would stop,drop and roll, but our backs can't take it).

We had a great time at Tropiflora Nursery in Sarasota last weekend, as usual, and it always affirms for us that all is good, when you are surrounded by loyal friends and co-workers. A big shout out to Dennis, Linda, Robin and Scott Cathcart of Tropiflora (along with their staff and volunteers) who work their tails off to put on a great spring show that is not only a great time for customers to visit and shop for great sales at their nursery, plus they generously give space to us and other plant specialty vendors, to show and sell our stuff. I think it was a record weekend for all of us, and worth all the extra work and effort to be there and we are blessed for great hosts and for all the great customers that came out. (pics to come)

Unfortunately, the same could not be said for our market day at Sat. Morning Market. In order to do 2 shows at once, we have to double our logistics, staff, plant stock and Stuff, and it's usually worth it, as we love to support Sat. Morning Market and keep our presence there. What was the problem? Well, 2 words....CAR RACE. Yup, the car race was over, but, the powers to be, left a large Hump (and we mean large U shape tall hump that covered our entire vendor space), behind. Gee, you would think the City may have seen that and thought, "hmm..that could be a safety issue? Hmmm...we really should have that taken care of" but they didn't.........needless to say, it was challenging enough to even set our plants out, not to mention the fact, that this large hump was a huge "tripping" factor for vendors and customers alike. It was our worst market day in 3 years and we apologize to the customers who had to travail over the hump, and we sure miss the customers who didn't even want to come into "HumpSpace".

We are hopeful that the Market organizers and the City can get together to remedy the situation very soon. For now, the "Hump of Quazimoto" will be in our memories for a long time and hopefully good for a laugh down the road.

That being said, back to the "Back" Mitch's back is hurting, my back is hurting and we need some days of rest and recharge to help us get thru the rest of Market season and don't forget, Green Thumb is coming up! So, loyal followers, please excuse that we will be out of Sat. Morning Market this coming weekend (April 7), and Sat. April 14th (our big show in Wintergarden) and we will return to market on April 21st.

In the meantime, if you need plants, email us and we can make accomodations from our house for the next week or so. And, don't forget, after Green Thumb, we will be doing our annual Spring Summer-clearance plant sale at our house in May, so stay tuned for info on that.

Also, if you have been emailing or calling, we had no internet connection and phone probs for the past 6 days, but we are back up and running. Please note, if you want to call us, refer to our blog for the correct communication info. We have been made aware of, if you google us, you may come up with wrong phone numbers etc. that are still out on the net,from years ago !

Meanwhile, we hope everyone is enjoying the plants that they have been getting and enjoying being out in the yards and gardens, cleaning up and getting new things in.

Stay tuned ! Don't forget about us, between rest, muscle relaxers, pain pills and a few tall Beers, we will be back in the saddle (aka plant trailer) shortly !

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