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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Green Thumb Festival's the scoop !

Event runs this weekend, both Saturday and Sunday, 9am to 4pm.

Located at Walter Fuller Park (7891 26th avenue north)
Directions:  From the north, turn south on 80th street off Tyrone Blvd (the turn is at a light, big Athletic store as landmark)...keep coming south (over the humps) till you see the turn-in for the big parking lot.

From the south:  Coming from south of the event (22nd avenue north), turn north on 80th street and head up 3 blocks.

There is a huge big parking lot on the northside of the park.  If it is full, there is street parking, but keep aware of signs and please don't block neighbor driveways !

There are decent bathrooms, lots of Food and Drink.  Recommend you bring your own cart!

We are located in Booth spaces #65-70 (think of it as a big 36 x 24 rectangle) right towards the main entrance to the park.  If you park in the big parking lot, come on down in to the main aisle, past Colorfield Farms, past a sidewalk, and 3 booths down on the right, you will find us !!

Eziest way to find us? Look for the HOLLYHOCKS !

We will have our booth staffed with a half a dozen workers to help you. We do take Visa, Mastercard & Debit Cards, but have a minimum $20 purchase. 

Told you all on previous post, that we have some great new Native Plants and here's a good list, if you are looking for something specific:

Coral Honeysuckle, Golden Creeper, Florida Petunia, Twinflower (oblongleaf snakeherb), Spartina Grass, Cassia chapmanii (Bahama senna), Spotted Beebalm (horsemint), False Rosemary, Calamint, Quailberry, Rosinweed, American Beauty Berry and Yellow Top.  Our good friend, Dave, who really digs Natives and has an extensive knowledge about them, will be on hand to educate and sell to you !

If you are in the neighborhood of the park tomorrow, feel free to stop by and check things out !

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