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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

GREEN THUMB FESTIVAL TIME ! Wow, we don't know where time has gone, but this week has flown by and we are running like crazy gathering plants for the Festival this weekend, here in St. Pete, and we must say, OMG (computer speak), we think we have the best gathering of plant stock for the show this week that we have ever had! Of course, we have to start of with tropical HOLLYHOCKS...just gorgeous, have yellow, red and purple.  Amy Gardenias in gorgeous bloom and Big Leaf Tibouchinas to die for.  Also on hand, passion and Pipe vines along with other beauties to fill out your Butterfly Gardens. The passion vines include the edible fruiting ones like Purple Possem and Quadrangularis, and the Native "Corky Stem".

Also, we are upping our presence with NATIVE plants, and will have a great assortment, from Beauty Berry to Rosin weed, to ground cover, and other colorful natives that will fit right in with your low maintenance landscape and contrary to popular belief, Natives can be colorful and NOT-boring !

We have scoured our nursery from top to bottom to bring the best and the most unusual, and as you all know, we also rely and support other small growers near and dear to us, and they have provided us some great plants that you won't find anywhere else and every plant is hand picked by us to provide you with the healthiest, hardiest,most gorgeous looking !

Have to tell you about the Hibiscus..okay, Hibiscus is kinda a standard plant in most landscapes, and can provide great color most of the year, and yes, they carry them at the Big Box Stores, but they won't have the colors we have !  Our popular solid "Gator Orange", Double White and Double Yellow, the rare Japanese Lantern, and Red Hot and Fiji Queen--all just yummy.

Also on hand, to just name a few: Yellow Bulbine, unusual Caladiums, Night Blooming Jasmine, Rare Agaves, Plumerias, Sedums, Aloes, Peppers, Diplodenia, Elephant Ears, Dwarf Pixie Bougainvillea, Yellow Elder, Cosmos, Milkweed, Coneflower, FERNS, False Ashoka Tree, Rare Angel Wing Begonia, Lavender, Succulents, Geraniums, Morning Glory, Zinnias, Bird of Paradise, Cannas, Bananas......

Huff, puff, I am running out of room and energy on this late you can see from the list above and it is no-where complete, we guarantee you will find some great plants this weekend!

Now, just for the special people that are, our True Followers, hey, if you have time on Friday, and can stop by the Park, come on by for a special "preview" as we set up, you will find us most "accommodating" !! We will be at the Park on Friday from 9am to 7pm.  Here again is the info on the show:

Green Thumb Festival
Walter Fuller Park, St. Pete
Show hours:  Sat and Sunday, 9am-4pm
We are located near the entrance to the park, if you park out in the big parking lot....come on down the aisle and we are just about 4 booths on the right after you pass the sidewalk...look for our banner, look for the Hollyhocks, and you will find us !

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