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Friday, May 13, 2011

Sat. Morning Market sneak peak on plants !

Just wanted to give you a sneak peak as some great plants we are bringing to market this weekend.......

New this week! Gorgeous Variegated Fucaria...this beauty can take full, hot sun and dry areas to part shade and they are already producing pups around their part, the foliage ends are "soft" and won't hurt a soul :)

Lots of our customers have been asking for shade and/or Indoor plants and we have a great selection to bring to market this weekend..check out some of the pics !

Ruby Thais and gorgeous variegated Dracena----we also have some
nice 1 gallon Dieffenbachia that
make great house/office plants..

Baby White Bird of Paradise in 1 gallons...great exotic plant for shade outdoors and also great indoor plant where you want some height in a room

Always a customer favorite, our "Sunset" Philodendron..we have them in 1 and 3 gallon size

One of our gorgeous Deep Red-blooming Canna....we have Cannas in 1 gallon and 8" pots right now...all sorts of different and white

This is one of our rare offerings, the Gardenia Coronada...the bloom starts off white then goes to deep yellow/orange..and it's fragrant too !

These can take 1/2 day sun to shade

These are Annie's babies and she has been protecting them through 2 tough winters and these are the first blooms of the season

New this week! Giant Walking Iris...."Regina Blue"

Did you know that Walking Iris is actually considered a great Indoor Plant ?! They are super draught tolerant and will do well in containers and bloom from Spring to end of summer. They multiply and you can divide them for planting indoors or out, or share a bit with a friend

Enough of the sneak peak, you will just have to come on down to market and see for yourself, we still have Morning Glories, Passion Vines, lots of other Butterfly friendly offerings and more more more ! See you at downtown St. Pete Market on Saturday and on Sunday, if it is not raining, we will be at the Sunday Morning Market in Tarpon Springs !

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