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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Hibiscus Festival at Punta Gorda, here we come !

Isn't it amazing that Mother Nature decided to give us a few days of real "spring" ie lower humidity, cool nights, great days to garden in....counting the days till it leaves and keep thinking, "is this the last cold front"?! of course, I got into the spirit so much that I overdid it and pulled out my back, but my garden is worth it ! Plus it gives Mitch a chance to take special care of
his darling girl (that's me !) :)

Like many of you, have been working like mad in our own garden to get things spruced up, planted and fertilized and just have so much fun walking outside in the morning and seeing the butterflies flitting about and new blooms appearing from's just heaven!

Okay, so ready for a road trip? This Saturday, May 21st, we will be down in Punta Gorda for their annual Hibiscus Festival....just a one-day show, but well worth the day trip..the show is on a huge sunny park right next to the intercoastal, and they hand pick the special plant vendors to come. Along with the event, there is a cool antique auto show, lots of stuff for kids, a bar by the bay to imbibe and live's a special event and we always have a great time at it. Punta Gorda is just a gorgeous little town with very unique houses and a small town atmosphere that is super welcoming.

Want to come? From the St. Pete area, its about an hour and 1/2 drive...straight down I-75, take the Kings Highway exit, head west to US 41, take a left, come over the bridge and take an immediate right after the bridge at the Best Western Hotel and you will find us! For our Biker friends , you can't beat a better day trip down south over the Skyway and head to a great destination !

So, being as we will be in Punta Gorda, we will not be at Saturday Morning Market this Saturday, but hope you still go to support your favorite vendors. May is a tough time on market as the weather warms and the crowds dwindle and many vendors will have no way to earn income over the summer, so they are depending on your turnout to help them get over the lonnnng summer!

We WILL be at Sat Morning Market on the last market day of the season, Sat. May 28th and we are planning a BLOW OUT sale for our plants..drop by and get some great stuff at discounted prices as we clear out our stock before the summer !

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