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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Christia Obcordata..where are you ????!!!!

Spring has sprung big time and we have never seen so many butterflies flitting about in the garden. Of course, we also seem to have the largest, hungriest crop of lubbers ever to appear and they are just tearing through many gardens, devouring everything in sight, ugh !

They seem to be concentrating on my giant milkweed this season, which is very unusual, but luckily this milkweed will make a quick comeback !

Green Thumb Festival is coming !!
This festival is our biggest show of the year and it's so great that it's practically in our back yard here in St. Pete. The show is Sat and Sunday (April 30th/May1st) and we expect a greater number of people to come out this year as this show just continues to grow and thrive. We are gearing up for it and will have a great assortment of our unusual stuff as well as a great diversity of butterfly-loving plants. As time gets closer, we will let you know exactly where our booth is, but it's usually in the same place, just about 6 booths into the entrance of the fair, along the street side.

Meanwhile, we are concentrating on having fabulous displays at Saturday Morning Market in St. Pete for the next 2 weeks, so you can get a jump on your spring and summer gardening now.

Also, our annual Spring Plant sale at our house in St. Pete is coming up and we will be doing it the weekend after Green Thumb. so stay tuned for details about that.

Also, wanted to mention, we are getting huge amount of inquiries for the lovely ChristiaObcordata plant (butterfly wing) and unfortunately, we don't have any available. Our left-over crop from last year did not revive, we believe, due to another cold Florida winter, and, we have made inquiries all over the state trying to find them, to no avail. But, Mitch is the eternal optimist, and hasn't given up on the search, so if you do want them, keep sending emails and we will keep your contacts on our "wish list" and let you know if we are able to find the very elusive plant this season !

Also, we are getting many inquiries about the Wollemi Pines. We do have plants available in 3 gallon containers, and they are available locally here to purchase, but too big to ship. For those who are inquiring about shipping, we are working on propagating cuttings and hope to have them available in the next month of so. Email us if you want to put you on the "Wollemi Wish List" !

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