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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Rickie--don't count this man out yet !

This afternoon, Mitch & I arrived at the hospital to find our Rickie sitting up, opening his eyes (with encouragement), talking ( a bit of a struggle but we managed to understand most of it) and actually eating hospital meatloaf !! Quite a 24 hour turnaround from yesterday and makes us feel optimistically hopeful for his recovery. They removed the air tube and he was actually able to eat some real food with help. His stats are good and he though he still goes in and out a bit, Mitch was able to impart some good jokes that got raised eyebrows and he actually stuck his tongue out at Mitch at one point, when Mitch told he would get a raise if he could get well....(to which I think Rick said "I quit" haha)
We showed him the big get-well card we had made that lots of the market vendors signed to him and I read the loving greetings that all sent. We also brought his Christmas present, a new CD player that we had got for him weeks ago, and brought along some CD's and the staff allowed us to play it softly in the room.
Our understanding is that tomorrow, all his doctors will re-group and reanalyze the big picture...optimistically, we hope now that he is eating, they will move him out of ICU and into a regular room, where he can continue to get some strength and therapy.
So, our Rickie is not of the woods completely yet, but we want to believe that he is at least on the path out of those woods back to the sunshine and strength of a beautiful flowering meadow.
Keep those prayers, chants, and good vibes coming over to Rickie's just goes to show, that short and long distance-driven positive energy CAN make a difference to someone !

Bless you all for your support to Rickie, his family and us :)

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