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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Rickie Update-keep those prayers coming

Mitch and I visited with Rickie this afternoon in the ICU. He continues to be stable, no worse, no better. The staff there is wonderful and keeping a good eye on him. He is breathing better on his own, but alas, seems to be in a big sleep still. He is comfortable and from his stats, he is not in any pain.

Mitch tried his hardest to stir him with bad jokes and feet tickling, and we did get the littlest raise of an eyebrow. They say that even when people are very ill, they can still hear, so everyone is doing their best to keep encouraging him by touch and voice. His wife and sister are there all day long, and Rick's beloved brother, Larry, flew in from Colorado to join forces.

The ICU and doctors are doing their best to stabilize him with the physical challenges and we are told it could be quite awhile until we know how he will be able to respond to the stroke after-effects. He is hanging strong after 3 days, which we hope is a good sign, but appreciate all prayers, chants, candle-lighting etc to continue to help bring our friend back.

We will have a big Get Well Card at market this Saturday and hope to get lots of well-wishing signatures on it, so we can read it to him, and of course, we hope, that he will soon be able to actually see it for himself.

Bless everyone for your support to Rickie his family and to us.

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